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Camtorc Hydraulic Actuators

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Function: Spring Return, Double Acting, Fail Safe
Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, 2 Pack Epoxy Coating (Marine)
Rotation: 0-95° Rotation With Adjustable Stops
Torque Levels: 20-30,000 NM Standard, Special To 40,000NM
Temperatures: -20°C to +60°C EPDM, -20°C to +130°C Viton, -45°C to +170°C (Special)
Operating Media: Dry/Lubricated Air, Non-Corrsive Gas, Hydraulic
Pressure Rating: Max 12 Bar (Pneumatic), 50-210 Bar (Hydraulic), 400 Bar (Special)
Certifications: ATEX, ATEX II 2 G IIC c T3,T4,T6


Camtorc is a specialist manufacturer of quarter-turn carbon and stainless steel pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. Camtorc actuators operate in demanding environments such as the oil and gas industry, the energy sector and marine environments. Camtorc focuses on manufacturing products which are simple in design, robust and user friendly, without compromising on the required functions.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique, simple design to extend the life of seals and components.
  • Full carbon or stainless steel construction for all actuator components – fully tested on assembly.
  • Standard natural finish (SX & CX). 2 pack epoxy coat for marine offshore (S & CS).
  • Compact, resulting in a smaller size actuator.
  • Low wearing, low maintenance.
  • Emergency shutdown function.
  • Can limit the effects of aggressive environments which might make the actuator unsafe.

Tripguard System

The Camtorc Tripguard system is a unique feature to Camtorc as a manufacturer. It operates as a normal shutdown system, fitted to the valve and connected to a pneumatic supply. This helps with testing, as it helps the pressure act as a brake in the event of a problem with the valve. This makes a Camtorc actuator an ideal choice for environments where safety is critical, as it eliminates Spurious Trip Risk.


Where most actuators have a single piston system, the Camtorc pneumatic actuators have two pressure pistons, operating independently. One piston dedicates itself to compressing the fail safe spring, whilst the other turns the valve. This allows for greater control of the actuator and reduces valve stem sheer risk.

Electro Hydraulic

Where only electrical power is available, electro-hydraulic actuators are a way of providing fail safe actuation. More industries prefer electro-hydraulic actuators over the traditional pneumatic and hydraulic actuators as they don’t place a further demand on compressors and infrastructure which can already be overstretched. However, some types of electro-hydraulic actuators can be complex and prone to problems, and this is where Camtorc electro-hydraulic actuators are unique. They have been specifically designed to offer simple and reliable process control, significantly improving reliability and productivity. The Camtorc electro-hydraulic actuator has been developed with over 30 years of research and development and has gained a reputation for being one of the most robust products on the market using only carbon or stainless steel construction. The cam yoke system is the perfect work horse for some of the worlds most demanding applications. Additional options include the VSD Electronic Controller & Electro Hydraulic Power Pack.