A Check Valve, Non Return Valve or Clacker Valve is a one way flowing Valve that usually follows liquids or gases to flow through a pipeline in a singular direction. This can be to protect equipment such as Flow Meters & Control Valves or to prevent pressure surges and water hammer. Check Valves can also reduce the risk of cross contamination within a process.

Check Valves can be used in a wide variety of industries which include Oil & Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Ship Building, Water/Wastewater, Chemical, Food & Beverage or Pulp/Paper. They are independently operated and do not require manual or automated control.

An important design specification to a Check Valve is its cracking pressure. This is the minimum upstream pressure required for the Valve to be fully operational in the open position. Depending on application requirements Check Valves are available in a number of body designs including, Wafer, Lugged, Twin Plate, Sprung Disc, Swing Type, Tilted Disc & Nozzle Check Valves.

Depending on your application requirements for Media, Flow, Pressure or Temperature Actuation Valve can offer a competitive solution for your business from a UK Manufacturing base. Fully controlled delivery schedules from stocked components or bespoke products enable to us provide reliable and quality products and services for a growing customer base.