A filter regulator aims to reduce moisture and obstructive particles from the airflow inside a valve. The filters either have a manual or a semi-automatic drain, as well as a pressure gauge. If you are working in a corrosive environment, a stainless steel filter regulator is recommended, as this type of regulator is designed to withstand harsh environments where toxic materials may be present.

How the filter helps

When air leaves a compressor it is often dirty and wet. The filter cleans the air which travels from the compressor to trap solid particles such as dust and dirt and separate liquids such as oil and water from the compressed air.

Actuation Valve can offer a wide range of filter regulators for various industries and applications as part of the Asco Numatic range of airline products. Whether you are looking for high flow, modular or in line products we can specify a solution to your requirements.

The Asco Filter Regulators also provide products suitable for use in potentially explosive environments with SIL rating. Making the compact units one of the most reliable, robust and safest products on the market complying with the European Essential Health & Safety Requirements (EN13643-1).

Precise regulation can be achieved using a dual spring design with pitot tube feedback for improved regulation accuracy.

Installation and maintenance

The Asco Numatics Filter Regulator is easy to install with the relevant Installation & Maintenance instructions included with each unit sold. This coupled with Actuation Valve’s technical team and after sales support make the combination of brands, quality assurance and product expertise an unbeatable package.

Actuation Valve are a Platinum Asco Numatics distributor enabling us to offer the highest level of re-seller discounts within the UK. We carry large ranges of fully assembled products in stock for same day dispatch and also a large component form inventory. This component inventory provides rapid response lead times for custom build assemblies that may otherwise be on long factory lead times. We can usually turn around custom build designs within 3-5 working days or 7-10 working days for more complex requirements. Call today and see how we can help you with you airline requirements.