Gate Valves

Gate Valves are designed to allow or prevent the straight line flow of a liquid where minimum restriction is required in the open position. Mainly used for isolation purposes this prevention of flow is performed by the use of a wedge obstructing the flow of the media within the body of the valve.

Gate Valves are available in many materials, connections and sizes to suit any industry and application requirements with Gear Operation and Hand-Wheel available from stock. Screwed & Union Bonnets provide the most common leak-proof features for the Valve body, with the latter being the preferred option where regular maintenance and inspection is required.

For larger Valves with Higher Pressured systems a Bolted Bonnet would be best suited. Unless specified by the Manufacturer Gate Valves should not be used as regulating valves. In doing so this could cause unnecessary wear on the Wedge and eventually prevent the Valve from fully closing/leaking. Please take a look at the range of High Quality Gate Valves we can offer below.

Please note We also keep a stock of Non-European Gate Valves for several of our regular customers where budget is an issue.

For more details or requirements please contact us on the information provided and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.