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  • 3-Way Threaded Seat Samson Globe Control Valve Type 3244 Mix Or Divert

3-Way Threaded Seat Samson Globe Control Valve Type 3244 Mix Or Divert

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The Samson Type 3244 3 Way Control Valves offer a robust and reliable performance for standard industrial service applications where pressure are not greater than ANSI 300 (40 Bar). This can include diverting or mixing of process fluids. 

With Several standard options the 3241 Samson Control Valve is also easilly adaptable and customisable to inlcude additional options such as temperature extensions, heating jackets and metal bellows seals. Special options include NACE versions for process needs aswell as sour gas services and specific cleaning requirements (Oxygen, Chlorine etc).

Assembed with a range of operators such as Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electro-Hydraulic and Electric we can offer a complete Control Valve construction with in house assembly and tesitng. Based on a modual design assembly principle the complete assembled unit can be equipped with acessories such as positioners, limit switch feedback and pilot soleneoid valves. All Valves come with TA-Luft/EPA Low Emmissions slef adjusting V-ring packing from standard.

The 3244 3 Way Control Valves is readilly serviceable for future predicitve maintenance requirements and schedules with only four parts rquired for a rebuild. These inlcude the Valve Seat, Body Gasket, Plug Ring and Packing.

  • Valve Type Control Valve
  • Body Design 3 Way Multiport

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