3291 Heavy Duty Application Globe Control Valves Maintenance Friendly

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Product Description

The Samson Control 3291 is seat retained Globe Control Valves designed for  heavy industrial, general service applications up to ANSI 900 pressure rating. This can inlcude abrasive and corrosive duties aswell as anti-cavitation. The 3291 control valve is also suitable for flashing duties which can occur in liquids when the internal pressure falls and remains below the vapour pressure, usually found in applications with high pressure drops.

The Globe Control Valve has several options for the standard build such as stem extensions of high temeprature process, metal bellows seals, heating jackets and various trim options inlcuding soft and metal sealing. The Samson 3291 can also be customised to meet requirements such as NACE for sour gas service and Oxygen cleaning for high purity lines.

In terms of operation and actuation, the 3291 is available as a pneuamtically operated unit aswell as electric, hydrualic and electro-hydraulic. Modular build assemblies are a core operation and design principle employed by Samson and Actuation Valve allowing improved lead times over other competitors. Additional options such as limit switch feedback, positioners and solenoid valves are also available upon request.

Technical Specs

Valve Datasheet 3291 Control Valve
Valve Type Control Valve
Body Design Globe
Operations Manual 3291 Operations & Maintenance Manual
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