Emerson Aventics Offer Advanced Valve Systems For Cabinets

AV-BP Aventics Advanced Valve Systems .jpg

German manufacturer Aventics offers advanced valve control systems optimized for cabinet mounting. Aventics' AV-BP Series Valve System offers a modular based plate design with all valve functionalities with an easy to service and integrated setup. The ability to offer dual pressure and vacuum applications with comprehensive electrical connectivity puts the Aventics design at the forefront of engineering and technology.

A bottom ported AV-BP Valve system is the correct choice for applications that require installations of the Advanced Valve technology into the control cabinet. Providing an easy to use, install and service friendly space saving design that offers full modularity and a flexible configuration.

When it comes to your cabinet designs, Aventics believe that only the best will do. The Advanced Valve System, with all of its features including AV Valves, AES electronics and proven track record within the industry, we believe, should be your number one choice.

Fully customisable and tailor made options make it easy to realise your design potential with highlights of the AV-BP series, including practical base plate extensions, exceptional sealing concepts for direct mounting and supply plates that can be utilised for different pressure zones. The additional option for transition plates also allow the user to take advantage a pneumatic multipole.

In addition to the various pneumatic connection options the Aventics design also includes electrical options for connectivity with D-Sub 25 & 44 pins or AES for fieldbus and I/O. The AV-BP Valve System offers an array of options, perfectly integrated for your cabinet requirements.