Wafer Rotork IQ Electric Actuated Butterfly Valves

TTV Butterfly Valves feature an innovative disc design that greatly increases Cv values resulting in lower energy costs and improved efficiency with no sacrifice in performance or durability compared to other manufacturers valves on the market. Our extensive range of stocked butterfly valves enables us to provide many materials. With component form availability we can interchange Disc and Seat components accordingly giving you the flexibility for sizes, as well quick turnaround time on orders regardless if it's large or small. Valve operation must be reliable. Rotork IQ range actuators are engineered for a lifetime of uninterrupted service in the toughest applications. Built on the Rotork drive train, proven for over 60 years, IQ range actuators retain industry leading reliability.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of Wafer Rotork IQ Electric Actuated Butterfly Valves.

Key Features

The IQ3 Range actuators offer versatility in their application by providing options for either watertight or explosion-proof designs. This feature ensures that the actuators can be effectively utilised in various environments, including those where there are potential risks of water ingress or explosive atmospheres.

Key Features

The IQ3 Range actuators boast a wide direct torque output range, spanning from 14 Nm (10 lbf.ft) to an impressive 3,000 Nm (2,200 lbf.ft). This wide range caters to a diverse array of industrial applications, offering precise and reliable torque output to meet various operational requirements.

Key Features

In addition to their direct torque output, the IQ3 Range actuators can be equipped with second stage gearboxes. These gearboxes significantly enhance the torque capacity of the actuators, enabling them to handle even more demanding tasks.

Need More Dimensions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The IQ3 Range multi-turn electric actuators can handle isolation or regulating duties of up to 60 starts per hour.

IQ3 Range actuators can be supplied as either watertight or explosion-proof, providing versatility for various operating environments.

The direct torque output range of IQ3 Range actuators spans from 14 Nm (10 lbf.ft) to 3,000 Nm (2,200 lbf.ft), catering to a wide range of industrial applications.

By incorporating second stage gearboxes, the multi-turn output torque of IQ3 Range actuators can be extended up to 43,000 Nm, and quarter-turn applications can reach up to 1,000,000 Nm.

Enhanced sealing and improved maintenance access have been implemented in IQ3 Range actuators, ensuring better reliability and ease of maintenance.

IQ3 Range actuators feature an all-new design with updated visual appearance, enhancing their aesthetics and modernizing their look.

IQ3 Range actuators feature absolute position measurement with naturally redundant position sensors, ensuring accurate and reliable position feedback.

IQ3 Range actuators boast best-in-class display, communications, diagnostics, and HMI functionalities, providing comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities.

IQ3 Range actuators can be configured using Bluetooth® or infrared connectivity, offering convenient and flexible setup options.

Yes, IQ3 Range actuators are specifically designed to support asset management, facilitating efficient monitoring and maintenance of equipment.

"Future Proofed" refers to the ability of IQ3 Range actuators to allow all embedded software to be upgraded in the field, ensuring compatibility with future advancements and updates.

Insight 2 is a feature that provides enhanced product data management capabilities for IQ3 Range actuators, allowing for better monitoring, analysis, and optimization of performance.


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