Grooved End Valves

Brief Specifications:

Size Range:DN50-DN300 (2″-12″)
Body Materials:Ductile Iron, Epoxy/Rilsan Internal/External Coating
Disc Materials:CF-8M/GJs500.7 Encapsulated
Seat Materials:EPDM, NBR
Shaft Materials:AISI 420
Applications:Potable/Waste/Sea Water, Cooling Systems, Fire Protection
Pressure Rating:PN10/16
Temperature Rating:

The Grooved End Butterfly Valves feature a Ductile Iron Epoxy/Rilsan coated Single Piece body with the secure grooved coupling system providing a simple and effective connection. This enables for easy maintenance and installation at desired locations within the pipeline without the need for flange adaptors and welding. This TTV Butterfly Valve is suitable for both on and off, throttling and end of service applications.

The dry shaft design offers high strength and reliability with direct mount capabilities for actuation assemblies whilst ensuring the media is again isolated from both the shaft and the body of the butterfly valve.

A streamlined EPDM Encapsulated disc provides perfect bi-directional bubble-tight sealing with a much lower pressure drop compared to other butterfly valves on the market. Low operational torque and friction throughout the cycle of the valve reduce the costs of gear, pneumatic and electric actuation extending the life of the self-cleaning seal. 

The Grooved End Butterfly Valve offers a possible adaption to every type of pipeline with fast and easy mounting and dismounting. Typical applications include Fire Protection, Process Lines, Hot Water Lines, Potable Water/Wastewater, HVAC & Chemical Cleaning.

Design Standards: UNE EN-539, ANSI AWWA C 606-97

Pressure Testing:EN 12266-1, DIN 3230, BS 6755, ISO 5208, Body: 1,5 x PN, Sealing: 1,1 x PN
Piping AssemblyANSI B3610, iSO 4200, DIN 2448, BS 1387, BS 3600
Face 2 Face:MSS SP 67
Top Connection:ISO 5211
Tolerances:ISO 2768-m