Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier Emergency Call Out

Actuation Valve supplied a major part of the fire protection systems manual and actuated valves onboard the QEC over 10 years ago. With the warship now rapidly approaching commissioning and sea trials all hands are literally on deck to have this magnificent engineering project up and running ASAP. With some teething issues on several systems supplied, Actuation Valve's engineers had been requested to attend site on board to solve the problems that had arisen due to incorrect installation.

One of our senior members of staff who was involved with the original supply left the same night and once security clearance had been made attended site at 10:30 AM the next day in Portsmouth. We quickly established the issues and spent the next 6 hours touring the ship checking all skids to ensure everything was in fully working order as it was when it left the factory. Much to the applause and delight of BAE who where impressed that we had turned everything around in less than a day from call to site visit.