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  • Steam Conditioning Globe Control Valves Samson 3281 To PN160 ANSI 900

Steam Conditioning Globe Control Valves Samson 3281 To PN160 ANSI 900

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The Samson 3281 Steam Conditioning Globe Control Valve has been dsigned for general steam conditioning applicaitons up to ANSI 900 pressure ratings and is available in sizes ranging from 2"-20". The threaded seat design also includes a noise reduction element aswell as offering improved efficiency when compared to an independent desuperheater nozzle and Control Valves system. Body materials include Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel offering temperature ratings up to 932°F (500°C).

 Available as a pneuamtically operated unit, hydrualic, electric and elector hydrualic the versatile design design can also be assembled with various options such as Temperature Extensions, Limits Switches, Solenoid Valves and Positoners.

Additional Features & Benefits:

Compact design eliminates the need for using two separate pieces of equipment taking up less space in the pipleine.

Offering a more precise temperature control and closer to saturaton over that of competitor models.

A water injection a vena contraca through the Flow Divider 3 provides a more even mixture, greater atomization and excellent heat trasnfer rates due to the large surface area.

Potential thermal shock and erosion is avoided as spray water cannot hit the Valve wall.

Water fed into the steam point at maximum velocity ensures highest possible atomization and the shortest evaporation time.

The 3281 Steam Conditioning Globe Control Valve allows greater heat transfer through rapid expansion and decreased steam velocity time.


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