Globe Valves

Globe Valves get their name from the spherical appearance of the body shape. Generally used for regulating flow, frequent and throttling operation applications this versatile Valve is used in many industries worldwide and can also known by some as an “Up and over Valve”.

The opening inside the body forms as the seat on to which the disc is screwed to perform closure of the valve but does have a slightly higher pressure drop than straight through valves (Gate Valve, Ball Valve) if being used for on/off duty.

For a detailed specification on the type Globe Valves we can offer please see the details below.

Globe Valves are Uni-Directional Valves and must be installed in the correct flow position as indicated on the body of the valve.

Actuation Valve & Control have wealth of experience and knowledge specifying Globe Control Valves into industries worldwide working closely with only the best manufacturers who choose us to represent them, providing a high quality, reliable product.