Coaxial Valves

COAX Valves Main Benefits:

1. Zero rated 2. Work from 0 pressure with balanced design 3. Back pressure tight 4. Rapid operation 5. Maintenance free 6. 10 times longer lasting 7. Bi- directional flow capability 8. Compact compared to actuated solutions 9. 2 Way & 3 Way Designs (Modular Designs also available where multiple valves can be joined) 10. Suitable for viscous fluids 11. Suitable for abrasive media 12. Suitable for use on Vacuum 13. High Pressure capability 14. Chemical resistant depending on materials selected 15. Air or Solenoid Operated 16. Normally Closed / Open Functions available 17. Body Materials: Aluminium, Brass, Galvanised Steel, Nickel Plated Brass, Nickel Plated Steel, StSteel 18. Seal Materials: NBR, PTFE, FPM, CR, EPDM, (Special Materials on request) 19. 100% Duty Rated Coils 20. LED DIN Plugs as Standard 21. ATEX Zone 2 (Solenoid Op) (Check what implications using a Namur mount Ex d or Ex ia solenoid has) DN1.5-DN250 (Min and Max ND changes per valve type).


Size Range:DN1.5MM Orifice-DN250 NB
Body Materials:Aluminium, Brass, Galvanised Steel, Nickel Plated Brass, Nickel Plated Steel, Stainless Steel
End Connections:Screwed. Flanged
Applications:Viscous Fluids, Abrasives, Vacuum, High Pressure, Rapid Operation
Seal Materials:NBR, PTFE, CR, EPDM (Special Materials on request)
Pressure Rating:0-500 Bar
Body Designs:Normally Closed, Normally Open, High Pressure, Bi-Directional

COAX – Common Models MK/FK.VMK/VFK

The COAX range of valves are a very robust, high quality and are a fit and forget solution to many problems. High pressure applications, viscous fluids, don’t worry COAX have a valve for you. Using different valve types you can have valves with as little as a DN1.5 mm orifice all the way to the much larger DN250 valves from the COAX range.

Choose from 2/2 way and 3/2 way functions, both are available in many different body materials, seal materials and pressure ratings. Some COAX valves are capable of controlling up to 500 Bar of positive pressure, not only that but other valves in the range can control Vacuum. Most valves offer bi-directional flow as well.

Due to the excellent design the COAX valve requires no maintenance and are resistant to dirt within the media. Only one moving part means that that the valves are compact in comparison with other solutions. Anything with an external actuator / operator would be much bigger. Sometimes space within certain applications is very limited, our valves will fit in a compact space and will not need to be serviced / pulled out of the line for failures any time soon.

COAX – Coaxial Air Operated and Solenoid Operated Valves.

Two main types of operation are direct solenoid operated & externally piloted valves using a Namur interface and pilot solenoid valve. Standard DIN plugs are provided for the DC voltages on solenoid operated valves where a rectified DIN plug will be provided for any AC voltage applications. Both have rapid operation, again especially when compared with an electric actuated solution. ATEX coil options to suit ATEX Zone 2 operations are also available as an option. Namur mount solenoid valves can be used on the pilot operated COAX valve so whatever ATEX protection is needed we can provide a solenoid coil to suit Zone 2, Zone 1 and even Zone 0 using an Ex ia type solenoid coil. COAX valve is still covered by mechanical ATEX through its design.

Modular COAX systems can be created using connecting plates, end plates and common air supply blocks. Up to 8 valves can be connected together in a station. This could be for multiple valve requirements but where space is again limited. Makes a compact but extremely robust solution.