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Hytork Actuators

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Function: Spring Return, Double Acting
Body Material: Ceramigard (Di-Aluminium & Tri Oxide)
Rotation: 90°
Torque Levels: 19-3232 NM
Temperatures: -120°C to +248°C (Certain Models)
Operating Media: Dry/Lubricated Air, Inert/Non-Corrosive Gases
Pressure Rating: Max 8 Bar-Pneumatic
Certifications: ATEX, PED, Machine Directive


The Hytork XL Rack And Pinion Pneumatic Actuators combine reliability, quality Pneumatic Valve Actuation in a compact, cost-effective solution.

The robust heavy duty body design combines a high strength aluminium casting which protects the Actuator from any dents, knocks or extreme usage that may be seen in certain process industry environments. Having a modular design the Hytork XL Range Pneumatic Actuator is filed convertible allowing engineers to convert from Double Acting to Spring Return Fail-Safe functionality with little difficulty (Or Vice Versa).

Complying with European Health & Safety requirements the Hytork XL Actuator is Atex, PED and Machine Directive Approved. Whilst additional safety features protect personnel and plant safety for onsite disassembly of Spring Return Actuators.

Hytorks SAFEKEY solution encompasses a patented flexible stainless steel key and internal machined keyway system. A stronger solution to conventional bolting and impossible to remove when the Actuator is pressurised.

Designed with two Bi-Directional travel stops the Rack And Pinion XL Pneumatic Actuator provides rotational adjustment in both the open and closed positions.

Durastrip bearings provide high cycle life for the Hytork XL Actuator range and protect all moving parts. The Emerson philosophy of manufacturing products to the highest quality is proven within the range.