Actuation Valve in the HVAC Industry

Actuation Valve have extensive product supply experience within the Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning industries. Working with quality European Manufacturers our Valves, Actuators & Ancillary products have a proven track record for delivering reliable, cost effective solutions to some of the most demanding environments and flow applications. Whether this be for Low/High Pressure Systems, Central Heating, Boiler, Heat Pump, Furnace or Air Conditioning our sales engineers are capable of offering tailored supply packages to suit your requirements. Give Actuation Valve a call today to see how we can help your business.

Actuation Valve provide fully automated Valve solutions to companies worldwide who are looking to maintain climate controlled environments using thermal comfort technology. Typical installations will include Large Office Buildings, Ships, Swimming Pool/Leisure Facilities and also Industrial Buildings where safe and healthy air conditions are not only required but monitored for temperature and humidity.

Working to recognised industry standards and approvals, Actuation Valve have a reputation for offering products that are designed to maximise output with engineered solutions to minimise downtime, lower risks, reduce energy and maintenance costs with extended life cycles. We feel not only can we meet your high expectations or requirements, but exceed them.


Heating systems play a vital role in generating a buildings heat and can be achieved through several methods including Central Heating systems, Boiler Systems, Furnace or Heat Pumps with Water/Steam. This heat can then be transferred to the surrounding environment through conduction, convection or radiation. Such systems can often require high pressure, high temperature valve solutions with reliability and safety amongst the applications most important requirements. At Actuation Valve, our products are designed to meet the most demanding industry specifications and offer fit and forget solutions throughout our range.

Air Conditioning

Actuation Valve have provided numerous project Valve & Actuator supplies for Industrial Air Conditioning over the past 20 years, working closely with Quality European Manufacturers such as TTV, Air Torque & Koei. With high energy costs required for such installations, it is paramount that products used remain reliable, low maintenance and long lasting. Significant stock investment in key areas has enabled us to provide off the shelf packages for both small and large projects, minimising any production or installation delays and in the process maximising our clients’ efficiency and profitability.


The replenishment of air within a confined space can involve Temperature Control, Oxygen Replenishment, Moisture/Odour removal, Bacteria or  Dust. This can be achieved by both internal and external circulation and ventilation methods and plays one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy, indoor air quality. Actuation Valve are committed to providing its customers with the best possible processing solutions whether this be for Cleanliness, Material Construction or future Maintenance access. Our team operate to the most stringent of International Standards and can deliver results for you.