Gas Approved Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves with Gas Approval are indispensable components within the industrial sector, precisely engineered to regulate the flow of gases with a paramount focus on safety and precision. Available in various sizes and equipped with user-friendly handles for easy control, these valves not only provide reliable performance but are also certified to withstand high-pressure gas environments, making them the ultimate choice for industries prioritising safety and efficiency.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of Gas Approved Butterfly Valves

Key Features

Gas Approved Butterfly Valves are built with safety as the utmost priority. Their gas-approved design ensures the secure management of gas flow, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing workplace safety.

Key Features

These valves are precision-engineered to offer precise control over gas flow, allowing for fine-tuned adjustments, which is crucial for various industrial applications.

Key Features

Crafted from top-tier stainless steel, these valves are exceptionally durable and corrosion-resistant, ensuring a long service life and minimal maintenance.

Key Features

Equipped with user-friendly handles, these valves are easy to operate, promoting efficiency and reducing the margin for error in gas flow management.

Key Features

With a range of sizes available, Gas Approved Butterfly Valves can be tailored to your specific needs, accommodating a variety of industrial applications.

Key Features

Designed to withstand high-pressure gas environments, these valves maintain their reliability even in demanding industrial settings, providing consistent performance and peace of mind.

AV-95-BLK BSI Gas Approved Butterfly Valve

The BSI Gas Approved Butterfly Valve is a top-tier industrial valve engineered to ensure the utmost precision and safety in regulating the flow of gases. Crafted with high-quality stainless steel, it offers exceptional durability, making it ideal for high-pressure gas environments. Its user-friendly handle allows for quick and precise control, enhancing its efficiency. This valve is designed to meet and exceed the industry's rigorous safety standards, guaranteeing reliability in demanding industrial applications. Trust in the AV-95-BLK for peace of mind, knowing you have a product that prioritises safety and precision in your industrial operations.

Size Range: DN50-DN250 (2" to 10")
Temperature Range: -25°C to 100°C
Pressure Rating: PN16
Body Materials: Ductile Iron Body, Stainless Steel Disc, Vulcanised NBR Liner
End Connection: Fully Lugged PN16
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Gas Approved Butterfly Valve is a type of industrial valve specifically designed and certified for use in gas distribution and transmission systems to control the flow of natural gas.

Gas Approved Valves are designed to meet stringent safety and performance standards, ensuring reliable and secure control of gas flow, thus reducing the risk of leaks and accidents.

Gas Approved Valves often require certifications such as ATEX, API 607, and ISO 10497 to ensure compliance with safety standards.

They can be used in various applications, but they are specifically engineered for gas systems. It's essential to check the valve's suitability for a specific application.

These valves use a disc that rotates to control the gas flow. When fully open, the disc is parallel to the flow, and when closed, it's perpendicular, effectively blocking the flow.

Valves are commonly constructed from materials like stainless steel or carbon steel, selected for their durability and resistance to corrosion in gas environments.

Yes, they can be equipped with actuators, allowing for remote control and automation, enhancing the efficiency of gas flow management.

Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to ensure the valves operate safely and efficiently. The frequency depends on usage and industry standards.

Both valves control gas flow, but a butterfly valve uses a rotating disc, while a ball valve uses a spherical closure. The choice depends on the specific requirements of the gas system.

Yes, Actuation Valve offers sustainable spares and replacement parts for ongoing maintenance schedules.

You can source these valves from reputable manufacturers and suppliers specialising in industrial valves, ensuring they adhere to the necessary gas regulations and safety standards.


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Gas Approved Butterfly Valves