Air Torque Scotch Yoke Actuators

One distinguishing feature of the Air Torque Scotch Yoke Actuator actuators lies in their adaptability, as they can be supplied with either a symmetric or canted yoke. This flexibility extends further with options for double-acting and spring return configurations, offering tailored solutions to meet diverse operational requirements.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of Air Torque Scotch Yoke Actuators.

Key Features

The AT-HD Series goes beyond conventional pneumatic drive supply, embracing innovation by also incorporating hydraulic drive supply options. This dual-supply capability enhances the actuator's adaptability to different operational environments, ensuring optimal performance across various industries.

Key Features

The AT-HD Series comes equipped with ancillary attachments that adhere to international standards. These actuators seamlessly integrate with a variety of accessories and panels, which can be either directly mounted on board or supplied free-standing, all meticulously assembled in the Air Torque factory.

Key Features

Setting itself apart, the Air Torque AT-HD Series boasts a range of international patents that underscore its uniqueness in construction details and functionality properties. This innovation ensures that these actuators stand out as cutting-edge solutions in the industrial automation landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The primary application of the Air Torque AT-HD Heavy Duty Actuator Series lies in its versatility for both on/off and modulating duties across various industrial settings. Whether it's managing flow control, isolation, or regulation, the AT-HD series offers a reliable solution.

Yes, the AT-HD actuators are engineered to seamlessly operate ball valves, butterfly valves, and plug valves, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse valve applications.

The AT-HD series provides flexibility with two distinct yoke designs – symmetric and canted. The symmetric yoke ensures peak torque at both ends of the stroke, while the canted yoke optimizes torque delivery at one end, offering adaptability based on specific operational requirements.

The AT-HD Series caters to different operational needs by offering both double-acting and spring-return configurations. This versatility allows users to select the configuration that aligns with their specific application requirements.

The AT-HD Series provides users with the choice between pneumatic and hydraulic drive supply options, allowing for customization based on the specific needs of the system and preferences for power sources.

Yes, the AT-HD Series is not only suitable but is designed with automation in mind. The inclusion of ancillary attachments compliant with international standards ensures seamless integration into automated systems.

The AT-HD actuators offer enhanced functionality by allowing users to equip them with various accessories and panels. Whether directly mounted on board or supplied free-standing, this adaptability enhances the actuator's usability in different setups.

All accessories and panels for the AT-HD Series are meticulously assembled within the Air Torque factory, ensuring quality control and precision in the integration process.

The AT-HD Series stands out due to its incorporation of several international patents. These patents speak to the unique construction details and functionality properties, underlining Air Torque's commitment to innovation and excellence.

The AT-HD actuators are designed to handle a diverse range of working temperatures. This feature ensures that users can select the appropriate actuator based on the specific environmental conditions of their application.

The AT-HD Series boasts an impressive maximum output torque of up to 200,000m, providing substantial force for a wide range of industrial applications.

Yes, the robust design and heavy-duty nature of the AT-HD Series make it well-suited for deployment in demanding industrial environments where reliability and durability are crucial.


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Air Torque Scotch Yoke Actuators