Camtork Hydraulic Actuators

As the demand for safe, reliable valve actuation grows, Camtorc's electro-hydraulic (E-H) systems present a robust solution where compressed air or hydraulic fluid is limited. By operating solely on electrical power, E-H actuators avoid taxing existing pneumatic and hydraulic infrastructure. The self-contained, standalone design simplifies integration where utilities are scarce.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of Camtork Actuators.

Key Features

Camtorc pneumatic and hydraulic actuators provide high efficiency in a compact footprint. Low power consumption also saves ongoing operating expenses.

Key Features

Unlike other actuator designs, this backlash-free cam operation minimises wear on seals and components, extending the service life of the actuator.

Key Features

Every component undergoes stringent ISO 9001 and ATEX certified quality control checks. This meticulous manufacturing ensures the actuators provide excellent technical performance and long lasting service life, even under extreme conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Camtorc Electro-Hydraulic Actuator System is a fail-safe actuation solution that operates solely on electrical power, providing reliable control for process valves.

Unlike many Electro-Hydraulic Systems, Camtorc is designed for simplicity, reliability, and reduced complexity, improving overall performance and plant safety.

The system operates by receiving a 24VDC Control Signal from the plant control system, activating the Hydraulic Pump to drive hydraulic fluid into the actuator, thereby controlling the valve position.

When the 24VDC Control Signal is de-energized, the actuator de-pressurizes, and the Fail Safe Spring in the Actuator drives the valve to the Fail Safe position.

The Camtorc Hydraulic Actuator is constructed using either Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel, offering durability and reliability in demanding applications.

The Electronic Controller, mounted on the actuator, monitors the solenoid signal, valve position, and other control inputs, serving as the central hub for controlling the Hydraulic Actuator and Power Pack.

The system's electronic execution minimizes problems associated with mechanical systems, requiring little maintenance for optimal performance.

The Power Pack integrates the Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Reservoir, and Solenoid Valve into a single unit that bolts to the side of the Camtorc Hydraulic Actuator.

Available in 316 Stainless Steel, the Power Pack is suitable for both non-hazardous and Zone 1 applications, delivering up to 250 Bar of hydraulic pressure to the Hydraulic Actuator.
The balanced design reduces power demand, lowers leakage rates, and extends the Hydraulic Pump's service life by minimising the number of starts required.
Yes, the Electro-Hydraulic Power Pack's 316 Stainless Steel construction makes it suitable for both non-hazardous and Zone 1 applications, ensuring versatility in various operating conditions.


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