K Controls

Within the TopWorx product line, the K Controls series offers a range of switchbox solutions designed to provide reliable and precise operation in various industrial applications. TopWorx K Controls switchboxes are designed for easy integration with valves, actuators, and other automation systems. They can be quickly installed and configured to work seamlessly with existing infrastructure, reducing downtime and installation costs.

K7L Switchbox

Engineered to accommodate a broad spectrum of switch options offering diverse functionality and unmatched reliability, the K7 emerges as a remarkably versatile enclosure. It features additional conduits and switch options, enhancing its adaptability across diverse industrial environments.

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K1P Switchbox

The K1P enclosure stands as a vital component within the esteemed K-Series of switchboxes, offering a blend of compactness and reliability. Its design epitomises versatility, empowering users to navigate through diverse environments, ranging from hazardous industrial settings to challenging subsea applications.

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K1S Switchbox

The K1P enclosure, a key component of the K-Series switchboxes, offers users a blend of compactness and reliability. It provides versatile functionality, allowing operation in a diverse range of environments, spanning from hazardous industrial settings to challenging subsea applications.

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K2S Switchbox

The K2S enclosure stands as a cornerstone within the esteemed K-Series of switchboxes, offering unwavering reliability with minimal upkeep requirements. Crafted from 316 stainless steel, the K2S switchbox exemplifies durability and resilience, ensuring continuous valve monitoring even in the most demanding industrial environments. Compliant with the latest European Directives (EU), National Electrical Code (NEC), International Electrical Code (IEC), and Canadian Electrical Code (CSA) standards for hazardous approved electrical equipment, the K2S is engineered to meet stringent safety regulations worldwide.

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KSS Switchbox

TopWorx™ KSS is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for subsea or submersible applications. With a diverse range of products, TopWorx provides reliable solutions that have been proven effective in real-world scenarios. These products are meticulously engineered to provide accurate valve indication even under extreme conditions, withstanding pressures of up to 2,500 meters of sea water.

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K2P Switchbox

The K2P enclosure stands as a pivotal component within the esteemed K-Series of switchboxes, offering a seamless blend of unwavering reliability and low maintenance requirements. Crafted with aluminum, the K2P switchbox serves as a stalwart valve monitor, ensuring uninterrupted operations while adhering to stringent safety standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Topworx K Controls switchbox is an industrial device used to provide feedback on the position of valves or other process equipment in automation systems.

The main components typically include a housing, mechanical switches or sensors, and wiring terminals for electrical connections.

K Controls switchboxes are mounted onto valves or actuators and are mechanically linked to the valve stem or actuator shaft. As the valve or actuator moves, the switchbox detects this movement and signals the position through electrical contacts or sensors.

K Controls switchboxes can provide various types of signals, including open/closed, on/off, or position feedback signals, depending on the specific model and configuration.

K Controls switchboxes offer reliable position indication, helping operators monitor valve status and ensure proper functioning of automated processes. They also contribute to operational safety by providing feedback on valve positions.

Yes, many K Controls switchboxes are designed to meet hazardous area classifications and are suitable for use in environments with potentially explosive atmospheres.

Yes, K Controls switchboxes are designed for easy integration with various automation systems, including distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLC), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

K Controls switchboxes typically require minimal maintenance. Periodic inspection and cleaning may be necessary to ensure proper functioning, particularly in harsh environments.

Yes, certain models of K Controls switchboxes are specifically designed for subsea applications and can operate reliably at significant depths underwater.

Yes, K Controls offers customization options to tailor switchboxes to specific application requirements, including different mounting configurations, enclosure materials, and electrical specifications.

The operating temperature range varies depending on the specific model, but K Controls switchboxes are typically designed to operate within a wide temperature range to suit different environmental conditions.

Yes, K Controls switchboxes are often certified to meet international standards for quality, safety, and performance, providing assurance of compliance with industry requirements.


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K Controls