2 Piece Wras Approved Electric Koei Unic Valves

The AV-L4500EK 2 piece full bore brass ball valve offers a compact, cost effective actuated valve solution for screwed and threaded pipelines. Also with WRAS approval suitable for potable drinking water. The ISO 5211 mounting pad allows rapid actuation with the use of stock stainless steel mounting brackets so all assembly and testing procedures can be processed immediately after your order has been placed. Express shipping for delivery within 24-48 hours for stock components. WRAS approval certificates with all assemblies at no extra cost.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of AV-L4500EK Actuated Ball Valves.

Key Features

The Koei UNIC Series was designed for 100% continuous operation and has been proven reliable by hundreds of customers around the world. Our electric actuators are made from high-quality materials and built to last.

Key Features

Our ball valves have been independently tested by accredited test labs to ensure they meet all safety standards required by UK regulations. The AV-L4500 is designed to specifically meet all WRAS approval requirements. Perfect for commercial or industrial installations.

Key Features

Koei UNIC Worm Type Final Gear with its compact size, high power-to-weight ratio, excellent load capacity and reliability makes it ideal for many applications in industrial automation systems. The actuator also features extended service life.

AV-L4500AV Ball Valve Technical Stuff

B C D E Model
1/2" 176.00 145.00 159.00 59.00 UNIC-05
3/4" 176.00 145.00 159.00 69.00 UNIC-05
1" 176.00 145.00 159.00 83.00 UNIC-05
1 1/4" 176.00 145.00 159.00 94.00 UNIC-05
1 1/2" 176.00 145.00 159.00 102.00 UNIC-05
2" 176.00 145.00 159.00 124.00 UNIC-05

AV-L4500AV Ball Valve 3D Stuff

Wras Approved Actuated Ball Valves

WRAS approval is a mandatory requirement for any product that carries or receives drinking water from the public mains in the UK. It provides proof that our products have been tested by an independent body to ensure they meet all relevant standards and requirements as set out by Government. The AV4500 is a Wras Approved Ball Valve suitable for use drinking water.

Need More Dimensions?

No time for fancy software or your tekkers are just pretty substandard? We offer a full technical drawing service for our actuated valves. The Artists are ready to draw. Tell us what you need.

Valve Standards & Stuff

Body Material: Brass CW 617 N
Seats Material: PTFE
Shaft Material: Brass CW 614 N
O-Rings Material: Viton
Ball Material: Brass CW 617 N
Approvals: Wras approved
Mounting: ISO 5211 Connection
End Connections: BSPP
Pressure Rating: PN40

Frequent Interrogation

WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approval means the valves meet regulatory standards for use in potable water systems in the UK. WRAS tests for materials, construction and performance.

Common materials are dezincification resistant brass or stainless steel. WRAS has requirements for leachable lead and other substances that could contaminate drinking water.

2-piece valves have the body and ball as one part, with the stem as the second part. This makes them more compact but non-serviceable. 3-piece valves can be disassembled for servicing.

Typical end connections are copper tube connectors, compression fittings and push-fit connectors. Threaded BSP or NPT connections are also sometimes used.

Common handles are cross type lever handles, tee handles and round knobs. Locking handles are also available to prevent tampering. Extended handles allow ease of operation in tight spaces.

Most 2-piece WRAS approved valves have pressure ratings of up to 400 psi (27 bar) and temperatures up to 230°F (110°C), with some high pressure models rated beyond this. Always confirm ratings for your application.

Many have full or near full-port openings to minimise flow restriction. Actual flow depends on valve size - 1/2” to 2" are common sizes for plumbing uses.

Typical applications are water supply lines, sinks, toilets, water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers and other household water control.

No special maintenance is required, just periodic inspection for leaks and smooth operation. Replacement is needed if a valve fails.

Most come with manufacturer warranties from 3-10 years depending on materials and brand. Some offer extended warranties against leaking.

Fail-Safe Battery Backup

Fail-Safe Battery Backup is available for this product. In the event of a possible power failure the Actuator will return the Valve to a desired position. Ideal for critical line applications where safety is paramount. Will need some additional details from you. Pick up the phone and we will get you sorted faster than it takes Kipchoge to run a Marathon fuelled by 5 Red Bulls. Supercharged Customer Service.
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2 Piece Premium Koei Actuated Wras Ball Valves

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