Aventics Rotary Vane RAK Series Pneumatic Cylinders

RAK Rotary Type Cylinders, known as rotary wind drives, offer precise control with rotation angles between 90 and 270 degrees. These double-acting cylinders with single-axis design deliver peak performance within specified pressure ranges. Suitable for ambient temperatures listed, they support medium temperatures from -5 to 60 °C, catering to various applications. They use compressed air, with a maximum particle size of 5 µm and oil content from 0 to 1 mg/m³, ensuring efficiency. Their theoretical torque at 6 bar provides a versatile solution for industrial needs.

Key Features

Why choose an Aventics Rotary Vane RAK Series Pneumatic Cylinders

Key Features

Despite their small size, RAK cylinders are capable of 0.15Nm to 147Nm of torque, providing a wide range of possible uses.

Key Features

The RAK series has a variety of individual drives with different angles of rotation, covering 30° to 270°.

Key Features

We can optionally specify your RAK cylinder with an adjustable angle of rotation and hydraulic shock absorber, if desired or required.

Device Function

Explore the dynamic capabilities of Aventics Rotary Vane RAK Series Pneumatic Cylinders, precision-engineered for versatile applications. This series, featuring double-acting rotary wing drives, offers models in eight sizes with options for single or dual-wing configurations. The single-wing models provide oscillation angles up to 280°, ideal for expansive rotations, while the dual-wing variants in sizes 5 to 8 deliver up to 90° angles and significantly increased torque, accommodating diverse industrial needs.


Explore the versatile accessories of the Aventics Rotary Vane RAK Series Pneumatic Cylinders. These include flange and foot mountings, available in various sizes, which can be adjusted in multiple orientation angles for precise installation. Additionally, protective plastic covers are offered for sizes 2 to 5, safeguarding components when sensors are not in use. For enhanced functionality, sensor units for sizes 1 to 8 provide crucial signal feedback for optimal control of the rotary motion.

Cylinder Standards

Functional Principle: Rotary wing drive, double-acting
Ambient Temperature Range: -5°C to 60°C
Working Pressure Range: 2 - 10 Bar
Maximum Particle: 5 µm
Medium: Compressed Air


RAK Rotary Type Cylinders are mechanical devices used in various industrial applications to convert linear motion into rotary motion. They typically consist of a piston or rod that rotates when pressure is applied to it, allowing for controlled rotational movement.

RAK Rotary Type Cylinders find applications in industries such as manufacturing, automation, robotics, and conveyor systems, where precise and controlled rotational movement is required.

RAK Rotary Type Cylinders offer benefits like high precision, efficient power transmission, compact design, and the ability to automate complex tasks, leading to increased productivity and reduced operational costs.

To select the appropriate RAK Rotary Type Cylinder, consider factors such as the required torque, speed, mounting options, and environmental conditions. Consulting with a specialist or manufacturer is recommended for tailored guidance.

Regular maintenance includes lubrication, inspection for wear and tear, and cleaning. Following the manufacturer's guidelines and scheduling routine checks can extend the lifespan of your cylinders.

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Aventics Rotary Vane RAK Series Pneumatic Cylinders