Pneumatic Valve Actuators

Pneumatic Actuators account for a major part of our Valve Actuation service and provide High Force & Speed rivalled only to Hydraulic. Pneumatic Actuators may also be your preferred option to Electric Actuators for applications where continuous motion/modulating use is required. They are easy to maintain and install, with an initial lower cost than that of an electric equivalent. From over 25 years of supply, we are yet to experience a single failure. With specifications for all industries and applications from stock, make Actuation Valve your first choice for all Pneumatic Actuation services.

Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Valve Actuators

Rack and pinion actuators form part of the linear actuation range that converts linear motion to rotary enabling on/off and variable control of quarter turn ball, butterfly and plug valves. This rotary action is achieved through the use of double integral pistons and racks that drive the connecting pinion. Our range or rack and pinion actuators cover some of the highest qulaity manufacturers throughout the world with approvals to suit all inustries and applications. Actuation Valve offer stand alone units or fully customised actuated valve pacakges with the rack and pinion actuator at the core of the design.

Function: Spring Return, Double Acting
Body Material: Anodized Aluminium, PTFE Coating, Epoxy Coating, Stainless Steel
Rotation: 90°, 120°, 135°, 180°
Torque Levels: 4-10,000 NM
Operating Media: Dry/Lubricated Air, Inert/Non-Corrosive Gases
Pressure Rating: 2.0 Bar (29 PSI) Minimum – 8 Bar (116 PSI) Maximum
Certifications: SIL3, ATEX 94/9/EC, GOST, GOST-R, EN 60529 IEC 529, TR010
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Frequently Asked Questions

A pneumatic valve actuator is a device used to automate the opening and closing of valves using compressed air as the power source.

Pneumatic valve actuators utilise compressed air to create linear or rotary motion, which in turn operates the valve mechanism, either opening or closing it.

Pneumatic valve actuators are relatively simple, reliable, and cost-effective compared to other types of actuators. They also offer fast response times and can operate in hazardous environments.

Common types include diaphragm actuators, piston actuators, and rotary vane actuators, each suited for different valve configurations and applications.

Pneumatic valve actuators are widely used in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, and HVAC systems for controlling flow in pipelines, process equipment, and machinery.

Factors such as valve size, operating pressure, temperature, environmental conditions, and control requirements must be considered. Consulting with a knowledgeable supplier or engineer is advisable.

Regular inspection, lubrication, and cleaning are essential for maintaining optimal performance. Diaphragms, seals, and valves may need replacement periodically based on usage and environmental factors.

Yes, pneumatic valve actuators can be easily integrated with various control systems such as PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), DCS (Distributed Control Systems), and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems.

Ensuring proper installation, following manufacturer's guidelines, implementing fail-safe mechanisms, and providing adequate training to personnel are crucial for safe operation.

Yes, certain pneumatic valve actuators are designed to meet specific safety standards for hazardous locations, such as those defined by ATEX or IECEx.

Pneumatic valve actuators may have limited precision compared to electric or hydraulic actuators, and they rely on a continuous supply of compressed air, which may not be readily available in all environments.

Common issues include air leaks, valve sticking, inadequate force or torque, and improper response. Troubleshooting typically involves checking for leaks, inspecting seals, verifying air pressure, and ensuring proper alignment and operation of components.


Pneumatic Actuators

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