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The Importance of Regular Actuated Valve Maintenance

This blog underscores the importance of maintaining actuated valves in industrial settings. It highlights the advantages of reliability, safety, efficiency, and cost savings through proper maintenance. The blog covers types of actuated valves, maintenance components, signs of needed maintenance, and maintenance procedures.

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Types of Actuators: Pneumatic vs. Electric Actuated Valves

Explore the differences between pneumatic and electric actuators in our blog. From their operation mechanisms to real-world applications, this article provides a concise comparison to help you make informed choices for your automation needs.

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The Future of Actuated Valves: Trends and Innovations

This blog explores the world of actuated valves, emphasising their importance and future trends. It discusses smart features, energy efficiency, advanced materials, and AI's role in control. The article concludes by highlighting the promising future of actuated valves and offers access to FAQs for more information.

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Safety Considerations with Actuated Valve Systems

This blog offers a concise guide on ensuring safety when working with actuated valve systems in industrial applications. It covers common hazards, component selection, safety standards, and emergency shutdown systems, providing valuable insights for a secure and efficient operation.

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Understanding the Different Types of Valves: Ball, Butterfly, and Gate Valves

This blog provides a detailed examination of three common valve types: ball valves, butterfly valves, and gate valves. It covers their functions, pros, cons, and typical uses. The blog emphasises the importance of knowing these differences for informed decisions and includes helpful outbound links for further exploration.

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Ball Valves: Versatile Flow Control Solutions

This blog explores ball valves, versatile tools for fluid control in various industries. It covers their types, advantages, and applications. The article also discusses choosing the right valve and environmental considerations. It's a valuable guide for understanding and using ball valves effectively.

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Understanding the Basics: What is a Valve?

This blog provides an essential guide to understanding valves, an integral component in many mechanical systems. It begins with a basic definition of valves as devices that regulate, control, or direct the flow of various fluids. The importance of valves in various systems, such as household plumbing and industrial processes, is highlighted, emphasising their role in safety and efficiency. The blog then delves into different types of valves, including ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, butterfly valves, and diaphragm valves, explaining their unique functions and applications. The post aims to educate readers about the significance and diversity of valves in engineering and everyday life, demonstrating their critical role in fluid management across various settings.

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Safety Protocols for Operating Actuated Valves: A Comprehensive Guide

This blog provides an essential guide on safety protocols for operating actuated valves, crucial in industrial processes. It covers the importance of these valves, identifies main safety risks, and emphasises regular inspections. The blog also highlights the need for comprehensive operator training and discusses the benefits of remote operation for enhanced safety. This resource is vital for industry professionals seeking to maintain safety standards in valve operation.

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The Unrivalled World of Abacus Check Valves

Explore the legacy of Abacus Valves, a trailblazer in the process industry since its establishment in 1988. Founded with a vision to deliver top-tier check valves, Abacus has evolved into a leading provider in the UK, recognised for its commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovation.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Control Valves

This comprehensive blog serves as an in-depth guide to control valves, critical components in regulating fluid flow within various systems to ensure efficiency, safety, and reliability.


The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Valve Symbols

In this comprehensive blog, we delve into the intricate world of valve symbols, an essential component of engineering drawings and schematics crucial for the design, operation, and maintenance of piping systems across various industries.


Understanding Valve Sizes: Inches vs DN vs MM

Specifying valve sizes can sometimes be confusing due to the different measurement standards used worldwide. This blog post aims to clarify the differences between valve sizes expressed in inches and DN (Diameter Nominal).

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What is Valve Flow Coefficient (CV)?

Valve Flow Coefficient (CV) is a crucial parameter in fluid systems engineering, determining the flow capacity of a valve and its performance within a system. This article provides a comprehensive overview of CV, covering its calculation, significance, practical applications, and future trends.


A Complete Guide to Gate Vales

This comprehensive guide delves into the essential aspects of gate valves, a vital component in various fluid control systems across numerous industries.

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Choosing the Right Actuated Valve for Your Application

Explore the world of actuated valves and learn how to select the perfect one for your needs. This blog provides essential insights for professionals across various industries, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Don't miss out on this guide to making the right choice for your business.

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The Role of Actuated Valves in Industrial Automation

This blog explores the crucial role of actuated valves in industrial automation, covering their types, advantages, and future implications. Discover how these automated valves enhance efficiency, safety, and precision in various industries.

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TTV Colossus High Performance Butterfly Valves

The TTV Colossus High Performance Butterfly Valve is designed to handle demanding applications with high pressures and temperatures. It is often used in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical and power generation.

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Wras Approved Gate Valves TTV

Gate valves play an essential role in controlling the flow of fluids and gases in many industrial and commercial applications. When it comes to applications involving potable water, the valves used must meet stringent standards to ensure the water is safe and fit for consumption.

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Types of valve bodies and their specifications

Valves, the gatekeepers of fluid flow in various systems, encounter diverse service conditions that demand tailored solutions. From extreme temperatures to corrosive environments, valves must withstand a multitude of challenges.

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The butterfly valve is one of the most popular throttling valves with a wide variety of applications suitable for different situations. Choosing the correct one, however, can sometimes be tricky. This guide is designed to make this process easier.

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This blog delves into the ins and outs of check valves, also referred to as non-return valves, highlighting their unique characteristics and indispensable role in regulating fluid flow.

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Steam Solenoid Valves 290 Series

The Asco 290 Steam Series Solenoid Valve stands out as a testament to innovation and efficiency. Available in sizes ranging from 3/8" to 3/4" and crafted with body and stem materials comprising AIS 316L stainless steel, this valve promises durability and longevity.

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Gas Solenoid Valves 040 Series

In the world of industrial machinery and gas control systems, the Asco 040 gas solenoid valves stand out as a reliable and versatile solution.

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Gas Solenoid Valves 215 Series

Discover the exceptional capabilities of the Asco solenoid valve series 215, a versatile solution designed to meet a wide range of application needs.


Valves & Actuation Training

This visit to local suppliers highlighted the importance of continuous innovation and partnership in meeting the evolving needs of our customers across the UK.

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Steam Solenoid Valves 220 Series

In today's industrial landscape, where precision and reliability are paramount, ASCO's 220 series solenoid valves emerge as a dependable solution for hot water and steam applications.

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Water Solenoid Valves 238 Series

Discovering the perfect solenoid valve for clean water applications just got easier with the Asco 228 Series. This range of solenoid valves presents an ideal blend of affordability and durability, catering to a myriad of water-based needs with its robust design.

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Steam Solenoid Valves 222 Series

In the steam application industry, efficiency and safety are paramount. Introducing the Asco Numatics Series 222, a meticulously crafted solution designed to meet the unique demands of steam environments.

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Gas Solenoid Valves 262 Series

In industrial settings where precision and reliability are paramount, the Asco gas solenoid valve series 262 emerges as a crucial component for optimising gas piloting applications and burner control.

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Steam Solenoid Valves 263 Series

In industrial settings where precision and reliability are paramount, the ASCO 263 Series Steam Solenoid Valves stand out as a testament to engineering excellence.

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Control Valves Express Build

Actuation Valve have added the Express Build Range of Samson Control Valves to our online product range. Engineered Flow Control Solutions available from stock components for same day build, assembly, testing and shipping. You can find more details and the expanding product range available here

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Air Torque AT-HD Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator

The AT-HD Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator is the natural progression from the Rack & Pinion series of Air Torque Actuators and provides high output torque solutions specifically for the Oil & Gas Industries.