TTV Triple Offset Valves

TTV's Triple Offset Butterfly Valves are engineered with a sophisticated triple shaft displacement design, ensuring exceptional performance and longevity. These valves feature a prolonged lifespan, characterised by minimal friction between the disk and the seat, aligning with Class VI - ISO 5208 standards. The innovative self-sealing mechanism guarantees a secure closure with a low manoeuvring torque, promoting airtightness. The displaced shaft facilitates easy seat replacement, and the disk seat can be effortlessly swapped without requiring specialised tools. TTV's valves are designed for quick and efficient on-site maintenance, making them a reliable choice for various industrial applications.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of TTV Triple Offset Butterfly Valves.

Key Features

The triple shaft displacement design ensures a longer lifespan for the valve. Additionally, the construction minimises friction between the disk and the seat, contributing to enhanced durability and performance.

Key Features

The valve guarantees complete tightness, meeting Class VI - ISO 5208 (Rate A) standards. The self-sealing mechanism not only ensures a secure closure but also operates with a low torque for ease of manoeuvring.

Key Features

The valve offers versatility in operation, accommodating different control methods such as lever control, gearbox, pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic systems. Moreover, the design allows for quick and tool-free replacement of the disk seat, facilitating fast and easy maintenance in situ.

Valve Standards & Stuff

Size Range: DN80-DN600 (3?-12?)
Body Materials: Stainless Steel CF8M, CF-8, WCB
Disc Materials: Stainless Steel CF8M, CF-8, WCB
Seat Materials: AISI 316, AISI 304, STELLITE
Shaft Materials: 17-4PH
Applications: Petroleum, Natural Gas, Chemical, Power, Water
Pressure Rating: PN10/16/25/50/64/100
Temperature Rating: Min -196°C Max 760°C

Product Information

Designed for high-temperature, intense applications like steam, gas, chemical, and more, Triple Offset Butterfly Valves ensure optimal resistance and isolation. Suitable for various settings, they are available in Wafer, Flanged, and Lugged designs.

The metal-to-metal seat in TTV Butterfly Valves reduces friction, only making contact during closure, thanks to a camming action and offset shaft design. This design also allows for easy actuation assembly mounting, lowering torque and extending valve lifespan. Their polished, profiled discs offer superior flow, reducing pressure drops and energy costs.

Increasingly chosen over Gate, Globe, & Ball Valves for their lightweight, cost-effective, and compact design, these valves guarantee bubble-tight closure, tested to API598 standards.

Featuring a triple eccentricity that eliminates friction and leakage, and a Stainless Steel & Graphite Multi Layer Seal for flexibility, these valves ensure a smooth operation. The Stellited Alloy Hard Seal offers unmatched sealing accuracy, enhancing valve life with reliable performance.

Adhering to international standards including ISO 5208 and API 598 for zero leakage, they meet various pressure testing and flange connection criteria, ensuring wide applicability and high performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The key design feature is the triple shaft displacement, ensuring extended lifespan and minimal friction between the disk and the seat.

The valve incorporates a self-sealing mechanism that guarantees complete tightness, meeting Class VI - ISO 5208 (Rate A) standards.

Yes, the displaced shaft design allows for easy and tool-free replacement of the disk seat, facilitating quick maintenance.

The valve is versatile and can operate with different controls such as lever control, gearbox, pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic systems.

Yes, a bidirectional design is available upon request, offering flexibility in application.

Yes, the valve is designed to be suitable for high-pressure conditions, making it a reliable choice in various industrial settings.

The valve allows for quick and easy in-situ maintenance, contributing to its efficient performance and longevity.

Yes, the valve complies with PED 2014/68, ATEX 2014/34/EC - ATEX II 2GDc, SIL IFC 61508, and TA-LUFT VD 2440 ISO 15848.

Yes, a locking device on the lower shaft is available on request, providing additional security features.

The valve offers high performance due to its innovative design, self-sealing mechanism, and suitability for diverse operating conditions.
No, the disk seat can be easily replaced without the need for special tools, simplifying maintenance procedures.
The valve's compliance with ISO 5208 Class VI and its self-sealing mechanism contribute to environmental safety by ensuring a tight closure and minimal leakage.


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Triple Offset Butterfly Valve