TTV Triple Offset Valves

TTV's Triple Offset Butterfly Valves are engineered with a sophisticated triple shaft displacement design, ensuring exceptional performance and longevity. These valves feature a prolonged lifespan, characterised by minimal friction between the disk and the seat, aligning with Class VI - ISO 5208 standards. The innovative self-sealing mechanism guarantees a secure closure with a low manoeuvring torque, promoting airtightness. The displaced shaft facilitates easy seat replacement, and the disk seat can be effortlessly swapped without requiring specialised tools. TTV's valves are designed for quick and efficient on-site maintenance, making them a reliable choice for various industrial applications.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of TTV Triple Offset Butterfly Valves.

Key Features

The triple shaft displacement design ensures a longer lifespan for the valve. Additionally, the construction minimizes friction between the disk and the seat, contributing to enhanced durability and performance.

Key Features

The valve guarantees complete tightness, meeting Class VI - ISO 5208 (Rate A) standards. The self-sealing mechanism not only ensures a secure closure but also operates with a low torque for ease of manoeuvring.

Key Features

The valve offers versatility in operation, accommodating different control methods such as lever control, gearbox, pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic systems. Moreover, the design allows for quick and tool-free replacement of the disk seat, facilitating fast and easy maintenance in situ.

Frequently Asked Questions

The key design feature is the triple shaft displacement, ensuring extended lifespan and minimal friction between the disk and the seat.

The valve incorporates a self-sealing mechanism that guarantees complete tightness, meeting Class VI - ISO 5208 (Rate A) standards.

Yes, the displaced shaft design allows for easy and tool-free replacement of the disk seat, facilitating quick maintenance.

The valve is versatile and can operate with different controls such as lever control, gearbox, pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic systems.

Yes, a bidirectional design is available upon request, offering flexibility in application.

Yes, the valve is designed to be suitable for high-pressure conditions, making it a reliable choice in various industrial settings.

The valve allows for quick and easy in-situ maintenance, contributing to its efficient performance and longevity.

Yes, the valve complies with PED 2014/68, ATEX 2014/34/EC - ATEX II 2GDc, SIL IFC 61508, and TA-LUFT VD 2440 ISO 15848.

Yes, a locking device on the lower shaft is available on request, providing additional security features.

The valve offers high performance due to its innovative design, self-sealing mechanism, and suitability for diverse operating conditions.
No, the disk seat can be easily replaced without the need for special tools, simplifying maintenance procedures.
The valve's compliance with ISO 5208 Class VI and its self-sealing mechanism contribute to environmental safety by ensuring a tight closure and minimal leakage.


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Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Brief Specifications:

Size Range:DN80-DN600 (3″-12″)
Body Materials:Stainless Steel CF8M, CF-8, WCB
Disc Materials:Stainless Steel CF8M, CF-8, WCB
Seat Materials:AISI 316, AISI 304, STELLITE
Shaft Materials:17-4PH
Applications:Petroleum, Natural Gas, Chemical, Power, Water
Pressure Rating:PN10/16/25/50/64/100
Temperature Rating:Min -196°C Max 760°C

Triple Offset Butterfly Valves are designed to offer maximum resistance and isolation for use in high temperature and intensity applications including Steam, Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Cryogenic, Power & Water and are available in Wafer, Flanged & Lugged body patterns.

The TTV Butterfly Valves Metal to Metal seat design offers zero friction throughout the total stroking process with the only point of contact occurring within the final stages of closure. This is finalised with a camming action. Offset shaft design brings high strength and engineering with mounting capabilities for actuation assemblies which coupled with low torque and friction reduces costs and extends the life cycle of the Triple Offset Butterfly Valve. Hand polished, conical machined profiled discs produce a much greater Cv than other butterfly valves on the market resulting in low pressure drops and reduced energy costs.

These Firesafe triple offset butterfly valves are now more commonly being used over that of equivalent sized Gate, Globe & Ball Valves where weight, budget and space saving is a priority. Tested to API598 the unique, precision engineered sealing system offers bubble tight bi-directional closure with no over travel of the disc seat.

1st Eccentricity: The shaft is offset from the centerline of the sealing surface.

2nd Eccentricity: The shaft is offset from the centerline of the pipeline and the valve.

3rd Eccentricity: Due to its geometric shape, this completely separates the valve seat from the sealing ring throughout the whole process of the opening and the closing of the valve. This engineered eccentric combination not only makes use of the cam effect but also completely eliminates friction between the valve seat and seal ring of the disc. Resulting in aero abrasion and zero leakage.

Stainless Steel & Graphite Multi Layer Seal:

The Triple Offset Butterfly Valve plate seal ring is designed and manufactured in multiple layers. This seal compresses to give flexibility and and elasticity during travel. A metallic composite cone bevelling is machined to enable the cam effect upon opening and closing of the valve. Zero friction and interference between the valve seat and plate seal produces a free stroking cycle. Optional sealing materials are available for certain temperature and media applications.

Stellited Alloy Hard Seal

Unique design and manufacturing techniques for an unrivalled accuracy ensures full conical pairing of the sealing components, eliminating friction and abrasion between the faces. Small switching resistance produces a reliable sealing performance at all times and reduces face abrasion with a vastly expanded valve life cycle. Bubble tight shutoff for High Pressure and High Temperature applications.

Design Standards/Sealing Test: ISO 5208, 0% Leakage API 598:

Pressure Testing:EN 12266-1, DIN 3230, BS 6755, ISO 5208, Body: 1,5 x PN, Seat: 1,1 x PN
Flange Connection:DIN 2501 PN10/16, ISO 7005-1/2, ANSI B16.5 Class 150, MSS SP44 Class 150, AWWA C207, AS 2129, BS10
Face 2 Face:EISO 5752 Short, Series 20, BS5155 Wafer Short/Medium, DN 3202 Part 3, Series K1
Top Connection:BISO 5211
Tolerances:ISO 2768-m