Actuation Valve in the Chemical Industry

Actuation Valve have been providing Chemical Processing solutions for the past 20 years with products capable of handling some of the world’s most corrosive and hazardous materials. Whether your are looking for processing, movement or storage, our high quality, high alloy, Valve, Actuators & Ancillary products provide safety and reliability to service your exact application requirements in a choice of materials and surface finishes. In a highly competitive market, our energy efficient, innovative full flow designed products will allow you reduce costs whilst boosting your production and increasing profitability. At Actuation Valve, we can not only meet your Chemical Industry needs but exceed them.

Since the initial late 80’s boom, Chemical Manufacturing has seen major developments to what it is today through advancements in technology and product design. This has in turn allowed manufacturers to consolidate their production process whilst placing a greater emphasis on suppliers of this industry to raise standards in a growing competitive market. Working with world leading Ball, Butterfly, Gate, Globe and Check Valve Manufacturers we are able to provide quality, cost effective solutions tailored to meet a wide variety of demanding chemical applications including Organic, In-Organic, Consumer Health, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical & Food. Our High Performance Valves and team of technical engineers have the capabilities to provide your process with greater efficiency and reliability.

Working alongside the national courier service, Actuation Valve also provide their own delivery transport. Add this to our extensive stock levels and we can provide a 24/7 delivery service for almost any product should an emergency breakdown halt production, reducing any unnecessary downtime. Our after-sales support is second to none in the industry and you can rest assured that when the project ends, our commitment remains the same.


Petrochemicals are produced from crude oil and natural gas with the two most common petrochemical classes being Olefins and Aromatics. It is these compounds that provide the building blocks for many household products including detergents, plastics, solvents, adhesives, lubricants & gels. Actuation Valve are heavily involved in this Hazardous, Corrosive & Abrasive industry and have sourced quality, reliable and robust cost effective products with proven track records. Our High Performance Valves & Automation service (Up to 48″ in-house) enable us to offer a complete package of design, sales, assembly & testing under the same roof from our modern facilities.

Inorganic Chemicals

The production of Inorganic Chemicals such as Caustic Soda, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide & Sulphuric Acid can expose products to extremely corrosive environments. At Actuation Valve we are capable of offering high quality, high alloy content Valve & Pipeline solutions including materials such as Bronze, Titanium, Monel, Hastelloy & Inconel from a selection of European Manufactured products. Specialist grade supplies can also be specified to meet your exact application requirements. The Inorganic Chemical Industry faces strict regulations and monitoring, Actuation Valve’s expertise can help you deliver cost savings, compliance and results.


When it comes to Pharmaceutical Valves, Actuation Valve provide market leading products, services and support to demanding, stringent standards. Working directly and indirectly with Blue Chip companies, our experience in this sector and proven track record enables End Users to maximise their operating efficiency and minimise downtime cost with quality, reliable products. Actuation Valve are committed to providing its customers with the best possible processing solutions whether this be for Cleanliness, Material Construction or future Maintenance access. Our team operate to the most stringent of International Standards and can deliver results for you.

Fine Organic Chemicals

Working within Agrochemical, Detergent, Consumer Health, Food & Photographic Industries Actuation Valve have been supplying Valve & Actuation solutions to the Fine Organic Chemical market for the past 20 years. With local, national and international customers we have a wealth of experience in this sector specifying the correct, tailored products for each individual application. Stock investment in key areas has enabled us to provide off the shelf packages for both small and large projects, minimising any production or installation delays and in the process maximising our clients’ efficiency and profitability.