Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Air Torque Actuated Valves

Low Torque requirements from the AV-L8000FC Ball Valve allow for smooth operation and reduce the costs of Actuated Ball Valves with smaller Actuators able to automate Valves usually demanding large units. Our carbon steel ball valves come pre-tested so you can get them up and running immediately. You will also receive a two page test report detailing all opening/closing times after your order has been completed. Each individual actuator retains its full traceability all the way back to the factory with a unique serial number. All assemblies performed by Actuation Valve in house also detail and cross reference this serial number with accompanying valves and accessories in a build sheet format.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of AV-L8000FCAT & AV-L8200FCAT Actuated Ball Valves.

Key Features

Top visual indicator forms part of a patented design from the Italian manufacturer which allows the user to easily position the top cap at various angles. Avoiding the un-necessary requirements of having to disassemble and reassemble the actuated valve unit should the setup need changing.

Key Features

These ball valves are available in screwed connections NPT & BSP and they work great in any application where a flow control device is needed. They're fully compliant with safety standards so they'll keep your workplace safe while being easy on your budget at the same time.

Key Features

Air torque pneumatic actuators have been optimised for performance and durability at every stage of its development, from design through production and testing. With over 30 years of experience designing durable, reliable components, you can trust us with your project's success.

Screwed/Socket Weld Technical Stuff

1/4" 72.00 132.00 137.00 75.00 72.00 132.00 137.00 75.00
3/8" 72.00 132.00 137.00 75.00 72.00 132.00 137.00 75.00
1/2" 72.00 132.00 137.00 75.00 72.00 132.00 137.00 75.00
3/4" 84.50 156.00 153.50 80.00 72.00 140.00 137.00 80.00
1" 93.00 180.00 203.50 90.00 72.00 147.00 137.00 90.00
1 1/4" 93.00 185.00 203.50 110.00 84.50 168.00 153.50 110.00
1 1/2" 106.00 210.00 241.00 120.00 84.50 180.00 153.50 120.00
2" 118.50 233.00 259.00 140.00 93.00 208.00 203.50 140.00

Screwed/Socket Weld 3D Stuff

Actuated Valve Testing & Calibration

All actuated valve assemblies are fully tested and calibrated in house prior to packing and shipping from our expert team of technical engineers. This means that when they arrive at site, you're immediately ready to install and get your production back up and running.

Why Air Torque

We have stock!

We understand the importance of minimising downtime and ensuring seamless operations. That's why we maintain a comprehensive stock of Air Torque actuators, ready for immediate dispatch.

Superior Durability and Reliability

Air Torque actuators are built to last, featuring a robust anodised aluminium housing that offers excellent resistance to corrosion and wear.

3D Step Files Available

These detailed 3D models facilitate seamless integration into your design and engineering processes. By providing precise geometrical representations, these files allow for accurate planning and simulation within CAD software.

Expert Customer Support

When you choose Air Torque actuators from Actuation Valve, you gain access to our exceptional customer support team. Our experts are dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance, from selecting the right product to troubleshooting and maintenance guidance.

Need More Dimensions?

No time for fancy software or your tekkers are just pretty substandard? We offer a full technical drawing service for our actuated valves. The Artists are ready to draw. Tell us what you need.

Valve Standards & Stuff

Body Material: ASTM A216 WCB Carbon Steel & 304 SS Trim
Seats Material: TFM 4215® (25% Carbon Filled TFM)
Design Standard: MSS SP-110
Wall Thickness: ASME B16.34 Class 800 (1/4" - 1") & 600 (1.1/4" - 2")
Inspection & Testing: MSS SP-110
BSP Ends: BSPP IS0 228/1
Socket Weld Ends: ASME B16.11
Silicone Free: Suitable For Oil Based Paints
Anti Static Device: Ball, Shaft & Valve Body

Frequent Interrogation

Common grades are A105, A216 WCB, A350 LF2, A516, and A352 LCC. WCB is the most common due to good strength and machinability.

Some of the most common are gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, and plug valves, as well as control, relief, and actuated valves.

Pressure ratings typically range from 150 psi to 2500 psi depending on size and schedule. Temperature ratings are around 800°F, with lower ratings for threaded end valves.

Threaded, socket weld, butt weld, flanged, and grooved end connections are commonly available.

Carbon steel is preferable for applications not requiring stainless steel's corrosion resistance. Carbon steel is also lower cost.

HVAC, steam, compressed air, water, oil, natural gas, and other mild fluids in industrial, commercial, and municipal settings.

Methods include non-metallic seats, back seating, live loading, isolation gaskets, or metal-to-metal seating in high pressure valves.

Electroless nickel plating, zinc plating, painted coatings, nitriding, black oxiding, and tungsten carbide coatings are used.

Hydrostatic shell testing, seal validation, high temp and cryogenic testing where applicable, flow performance, air seat leakage, and actuating torque and travel.

External adjustment, lubrication, packing adjustments, and occasional seal replacements and internal part replacements after long service.

4-20mA Control Available On This Product

The BLX V100E Series is an Electro-Pneumatic control unit that allows the Actuator to incrementally adjust the Valve's position between the fully open and closed cycle. Product variants are available for spring return and double acting setups with feedback and safety settings. Ask our team today about how the V100E can help with your process requirements.

Air Torque Actuator Videos

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Carbon Steel Air Torque Actuated Ball Valves

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