KOEI Nucom Electric Actuators

KOEI Nucom Electric Actuators offer precision control and reliability for a wide range of industrial applications. These cutting-edge actuators are designed to meet the demands of modern automation systems, providing smooth and accurate movement in various settings. They can be used in applications such as robotics, automotive manufacturing, medical equipment, and more. Whether it's controlling the movement of a robotic arm on an assembly line or adjusting the position of a medical device with utmost precision, these actuators deliver consistent performance.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of KOEI Nucom Electric Actuators.

Key Features

KOEI Nucom Electric Actuators offer precise and accurate movement control, allowing for fine adjustments in various industrial applications. Their advanced motor technology and intelligent control systems ensure smooth and reliable operation, even in dynamic environments.

Key Features

These actuators are highly versatile and can be used across a wide range of industries and applications, including robotics, automotive manufacturing, medical equipment, and more. They provide flexibility in design and implementation, making them suitable for diverse automation needs.

Key Features

Built with rugged construction and durable components, KOEI Nucom Electric Actuators are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments and heavy-duty usage. They offer long-term reliability and minimal downtime, contributing to increased productivity and cost-effectiveness for businesses.

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Powerful Specifications

Function: On/Off, Battery Backup, Potentiometer
Body Material: Stove Enamel Coated Die Cast Aluminium
Rotation: 90°
Torque Levels: 20-1500NM, (177 to 13,276 lbf.in)
Temperatures: -25°C to +55°C
Voltages: 110VAC/50-60Hz, 230VAC/50-60Hz, 24VAC/50-60Hz, 24VDC
Operating Time: 4, 15, 30, 45 Seconds (Model Dependant)
Certifications: IP65, Type 4, 4X, Nema UL, 2014/30/EU Directive EMC
Size Range: UNIC 05, UNIC 10, UNIC 20, UNIC 40, UNIC 60, UNIC 100, UNIC 150 & UNIC 200
Industries: Chemical, Marine, Food/Beverage, Consumer Health, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Water
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KOEI Nucom Actuators

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The Koei Nucom Actuators are a range of modulating electric actuators designed and manufactured in Japan specifically for control applications, with operating Torque figures ranging from 49-980NM. Voltages include 110VAC & 230VAC 50/60 Hz single phase.

The Nucom Actuators body is based on the standard Koei Aluminium, grey enamel stove finish with Ingress Protection of IP65, NEMA 4 & NEMA 4X for temperatures of -25 to 55 Deg C.

Once assembled to the Ball Valve or Butterfly Valve the Nucom Actuators position is set in direct proportion to the 4-20mA Input signal, enabling 90 Degree rotational control.

The Actuators integral encapsulated electronic positioner provides a full-scale resolution accuracy of 0.4% without hunting or overrun. Standard features also included with the 10NS, 10NM, 10NL, 10NL-100, 10NL-150 & 10NL-200 models range from a switch selectable direct/reverse action and an Open/Close/Freeze position signal failure (<2mA) A 4-20mA position output signal is also available.

Optional Extras available-Torque Switches