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KOEI Nucom Actuators

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The Koei Nucom Actuators are a range of modulating electric actuators designed and manufactured in Japan specifically for control applications, with operating Torque figures ranging from 49-980NM. Voltages include 110VAC & 230VAC 50/60 Hz single phase.

The Nucom Actuators body is based on the standard Koei Aluminium, grey enamel stove finish with Ingress Protection of IP65, NEMA 4 & NEMA 4X for temperatures of -25 to 55 Deg C.

Once assembled to the Ball Valve or Butterfly Valve the Nucom Actuators position is set in direct proportion to the 4-20mA Input signal, enabling 90 Degree rotational control.

The Actuators integral encapsulated electronic positioner provides a full-scale resolution accuracy of 0.4% without hunting or overrun. Standard features also included with the 10NS, 10NM, 10NL, 10NL-100, 10NL-150 & 10NL-200 models range from a switch selectable direct/reverse action and an Open/Close/Freeze position signal failure (<2mA) A 4-20mA position output signal is also available.

Optional Extras available-Torque Switches