Asco Numatics 435 Series Pneumatic Cylinders

The ASCO 435 series are corrosive-resistant ISO 6432 round cylinders, with integrated mountings suitable for double acting applications. This particular series is available with or without pneumatic cushioning and designed for maximum service life. While this series is now replaced by the Aventics MNI series, some spares are still available.

Key Features

What made a 435 special?

Key Features

The 435 series were constructed with a stainless steel barrel and piston rod for resistance to most common corrosive agents.

Key Features

The 435 cylinders were all constructed with mounting integrated into the front and an MP4 rear and cap for direct mounting.

Key Features

The 435 series was available with options such as stainless covers, ATEX approval, a various function types.

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Asco Numatics 435 Series Round Pneumatic Cylinders