BLX Positioners

The BLX Positioner, featuring the BLX model series V100P & E and V200P & E, distinguishes itself through its dependable design and comprehensive support services. Its exceptional flexibility is evident in a singular housing accommodating pneumatic and electropneumatic systems, allowing the I/P to be installed or removed at any time, and supporting various mounting configurations. With a standard indicator enabling air-to-open or air-to-close operations and the choice between flat or raised indicators, the BLX Positioner emerges as a versatile and reliable solution for precise control applications.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of BLX Positioners.

Key Features

The BLX Positioner features a durable construction with a cast Aluminum, polyester-coated housing, stainless steel fasteners, and a double-locked stainless cam, ensuring long-lasting reliability in various environments. Its unique pressure-sealed electrical compartment, equipped with an O-ring, enhances protection against environmental factors.

Key Features

Calibration is simplified and time-saving with external zero and span adjustments, providing users with an efficient means to tailor the Positioner to specific requirements. This feature contributes to the overall user-friendly design, allowing quick and straightforward adjustments.

Key Features

Maintenance is streamlined with easy cleaning of the pilot valve assembly by removing a single screw and foolproof installation in the correct orientation. The inclusion of a standard gauge block and I/P test point further enhances maintenance convenience, facilitating Positioner loop testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The housing of BLX model series V100P & E and V200P & E positioners is made of cast aluminum with a Polyester coating.

The BLX positioners are durable due to features such as a cast aluminum, Polyester-coated housing, stainless steel retained fasteners, double-locked stainless cam, quality metal internal parts, and a pressure-sealed electrical compartment.

Calibration of BLX positioners is simple and time-saving, with external zero and span adjustments.

Yes, the BLX pilot valve assembly can be cleaned by removing one screw, and it can only be installed in one correct way.

The I/P test point in the BLX positioner facilitates positioner loop testing.

Options for the BLX positioner package include special cams, range springs, various NEMA ratings, and feedback capability.

Yes, the BLX positioner features one housing suitable for both pneumatic and electropneumatic applications.

Yes, the I/P in the BLX positioner can be installed or removed at any time.

The standard housing type for the BLX positioner is F05 with interchangeable drives.

The electrical compartment in the BLX positioner is unique, fitted with an o-ring, and is pressure-sealed by the cover.

The fasteners in the BLX model series positioners are made of stainless steel, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.

The BLX positioner offers flexibility through features such as multiple mounting capabilities, the ability to install or remove the I/P at any time, and standard indicators allowing for air to open or air to close operation.


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The BLX V100 features independent zero and span adjustments making on site or assembly calibration extremely quick and easy with a straight forward screwdriver slot and external zeroing access. With minimum interaction between the zero and span the user is able to make a span adjustment without returning to zero after each adjustment, saving valuable installation and potential down time for units already in the field.

Maintenance free designs from BLX have always been at the forefront of design and manufacturing goals and the BLX Pilot Valve assembly can be removed or cleaned with the removal of a singular pin, aswell as being installed only one way (The correct way!). The unique O-Ring design prevents the loss of vital gasket seals during the cleaning process. IP’s can be converted, changed or removed within minutes and test points within the connection board allow simple circuit testing.

The BLX Positioner is available with a wealth of options including the R100 Feedback Moduel. The BLX R100 Feedback Module allows accurate position feedback where on-off indication with mechanical switches or a potentiometer is required. The BLX R100 Feedback Modules can be installed and calibrated at the factory prior to shipping, in house or on site in with no additional parts required. The Position Indicator can be supplied as either a compact flat design or raised beacon.

Actuation Valve stock a wide range of BLX Positions and accessories with mounting kits to suit all Pneumatic Actuators. Our unique partnership with some of the worlds leading Actuator & Valve Manufacturers enable us to offer a complete in house assembly package for all of your control needs. Whether you are looking for a standard Safe Area, Intrinsically Safe, Or Explosion-Proof Fail Safe or Fail Freeze package we can not only meet your requirements but exceed them.