Pneumatic Compact Cylinders

Compact pneumatic cylinders, renowned for their efficiency, are extensively utilised in numerous industries for their space-efficient automation capabilities. With a sleek design, these devices ensure reliable operation and adaptability in confined areas, perfect for applications in manufacturing to automation systems. They enable precise linear movement, streamlining process automation without bulky components, thereby significantly improving operational efficiency and minimising downtime in various sectors.


AVENTICS™ CCI Compact Cylinders offer durable aluminium housing with built-in covers for simple upkeep. With minimal length variance, they're perfect for compact machinery. Easy sensor fitting and customisation options like unique strokes, hollow piston rods, and heat resistance enhance functionality. Piston diameters range from 16 mm to 100 mm, catering to diverse efficiency requirements.

Standards: ISO 21287
Compressed Air Connection: Internal Thread
Temperature Range: -20°C to 80°C
Maximum Particle Size: 50 µm
Piston Force Pressure: 6.3 Bar
Materials: Aluminium (Anodised), Stainless Steel, & Polyurethane
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The AVENTICS™ Series KPZ Compact cylinders, adhering to NFE 49-004 standards, are available in sizes from Ø 16 mm to 100 mm and offer up to a 500 mm stroke. Featuring an integrated sensor slot for enhanced functionality, they also provide optional features like a hollow piston rod, non-rotating options, a multi-position variant, heat resistance, and ATEX certification, catering to a broad spectrum of industrial requirements efficiently.

Standards: NFE 49004
Compressed Air Connection: Internal Thread
Temperature Range: -20°C to 80°C
Maximum Particle Size: 50 µm
Piston Force Pressure: 6.3 Bar
Materials: Aluminium (Anodised), Stainless Steel, Polyurethane & Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
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Frequently Asked Questions

Actuated butterfly valves offer advantages such as synchronisation of multiple line valves, remote isolation, torque required for opening larger butterfly valves, and security measures to prevent misuse.
The body materials can be GJS500-7 Ductile Iron Rilsan Coated or CF8M Stainless Steel. The disc materials are CF8M Stainless Steel, and the seat materials include EPDM, NBR Buna, Hypalon, Viton, Silicone, High Temperature, Polyisoprene, and Epichloridine.
The actuated functions include pneumatic, electric, de-clutchable gear, fail-safe, spring return, battery backup, and double-acting.
Actuated butterfly valves can be used for potable/waste water, cooling systems, oil, gases, air, corrosive chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food and beverage, and various industrial processes.
Wafer pattern valves are designed for installation between two flanges at intermediate points within the process pipeline, while lugged pattern valves use threaded lugs for precise self-centering capabilities and are commonly used as dead-end service valves or for maintenance purposes.
PTFE lining is used in valves intended for highly corrosive environments or high-service temperatures. It provides excellent chemical resistance and a clean, FDA-approved contact surface.
Yes, Actuation Valve offers actuated butterfly valves suitable for marine applications, featuring materials like B148 C9500 Aluminium Bronze and EPDM seats suitable for seawater, cooling systems, desalination, and other marine environments. The 80WM580 & 80LM580 in particular are the most common.
The size ranges vary depending on the valve type, but they generally span from DN32 (1 1/4") to DN1600 (64").
Yes, Actuation Valve can provide various certifications, including witness testing, 3.1 certification, and standard pressure tests. Additional certifications can be arranged upon request.
Yes, Actuation Valve offers sustainable spares and replacement parts for ongoing maintenance schedules.
Depending on the valve, actuator and process type pressure ratings range from PN10, PN16, PN40., ANSI 150 and ANSI 300.


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Pneumatic Compact Cylinders

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