Actuation Valve in the Water & Wastewater Industry

Actuation Valve currently service some of the UK’s largest Water & Waste Water providers and have established a strong reputation for providing quality, cost effective, fit and forget solutions with significant stock facilities. Our products and services include Manual & Electrically Actuated Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves, Plug Valves & Control Valves with materials such as Cast/Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze & Aluminium Bronze. With innovative product designs, we have improved productivity, compliance and sustainability with services you can depend on when you need it.

Water is the world’s most important and precious resource and as our population increases, our demand and ability to provide efficient and reliable Water & Wastewater facilities does too. It is a legal requirement for Manufacturers to protect the environment. Once water has been used, it must be treated prior to re-entering the supply. At Actuation Valve, we have the ability to manage your requirements and maintain water processing equipment whether this be for Spas, Pools, Wastewater or Potable Water.

Our Valves specifically designed for Sewage & Wastewater, provide superior corrosive and resistance performance to maximise life expectancy with uniquely developed flow patterns reducing energy costs in the process. At Actuation Valve, our team of skilled engineering technicians have the experience and modern facilities to enable us to offer in-house Valve Actuation up to 48″, both Pneumatic & Electric.


Wastewater treatment is a process that converts wastewater no longer required, or usable, back into the water supply either as Potable Drinking Water or for another purpose. These treatments can be physical, chemical, or biological processes and maximise our ability to reduce waste and minimise the environmental footprint with reduced energy consumption. As a key supplier for End Users, OEMs & Engineering contractors, Actuation Valve have extensive knowledge and experience in providing quality product solutions for fluid handling, control and filtration systems within wastewater treatment sites. Call today to see how we can help you.

Potable Drinking Water

Potable Drinking Water is an ever increasing requirement due to world population growth and developing countries rising affluence. In recent years, regulators have placed increasing demand for OEMs & Manufacturers to reduce the lead content that goes into producing products that will be used within drinking water applications and delivery. Actuation Valve work with world leading Manufacturers who recognise this requirement and adhere to the necessary standards. Our products are available with Wras approval for the UK market or relevant neighbouring countries standards from stock. Products include Gate, Butterfly, Ball & Check Valves.

Hydro Power

Hydro Power is the generation of electricity or power from the falling or flow of fast water. As a renewable energy source, Hydro Power is becoming more and more popular, not only with conventional Hydro Electric Dams but also with Small Hydro and Micro Hydro installations. Actuation Valve have experience in working with all three types of installation, most recently working with small land owners throughout the UK, generating electricity from through flowing rivers. These setups can be enough to power farms, remote buildings or small communities. Our most popular product for this particular type of application is the TTV Butterfly Valve.

Swimming, Spa & Leisure

Actuation Valve have provided Valve, Actuation & Flow Control related products for some of the most prestigious leisure facilities around the world. When you are working with high-end luxury, the components designed and installed within infrastructure of the process require quality, reliability and energy efficient performance. With Manufacturers such as Air Torque, TTV, Pekos & Asco Numatics within our scope of supply, we are able to offer fit and forget, low maintenance solutions for Swimming Pools & Spas for Leisure Centres, Schools and Hotels. Our technical design team and support service offer a complete after-sales package and are equipped to help when it matters. You can rest assured that when the project ends, our commitment does not stop.