Aventics CSL-RD Series Pneumatic Cylinders

The ISO 6432 CSL-RD series is an all-Stainless round cylinder, available in ISO, Clean (for extra hygiene) and Mini format. All variants of the CSL-RD are made with NSF-H1 grease and FDA-compliant seals for use in Food & Beverage applications. The CSL-RD Series Round Pneumatic Cylinders deliver efficient, reliable performance across numerous industrial settings. Engineered for precision and endurance, they are suited to withstand challenging conditions. Their sleek design and advanced technology offer smooth motion control, perfect for a range of automation and manufacturing tasks. Enhance your pneumatic systems with these high-quality cylinders to improve productivity and efficiency.

Key Features

Why choose a CSL-RD?

Key Features

All CSL-RD cylinders are made from stainless steel to provide excellent corrosion and dirt resistance, making them a great choice for hygienic use.

Key Features

The CSL-RD comes with NSF-H1 grease and FDA-approved seals and an undercut-free scraper seal to meet and exceed Food & Beverage hygiene requirements.

Key Features

With three options just for the basic cylinder shape and many more for other features, the CSL-RD is ready to customise for your specific needs.

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Cylinder Standards

Functional Principle: Double-acting
Ambient Temperature Range: -20°C to 80°C
Working Pressure Range: 1 - 10 Bar
Maximum Particle: 50 µm
Medium: Compressed Air
Standards: ISO 6432 (Ø 16-25 mm)
Ports: M5, G 1/8, G 1/4, G 3/8
Stroke Range: 25 - 500
Bore Diameter: Ø 16-63 mm


Round Pneumatic Cylinders CSL-RD Series are versatile pneumatic devices used in various industries for tasks such as lifting, pushing, and holding objects. They find applications in manufacturing, automation, and robotics.

CSL-RD Series offers superior durability, precision engineering, and a wide range of sizes and stroke lengths, making them suitable for diverse industrial applications.

CSL-RD Series cylinders are typically constructed from high-quality materials like aluminum and stainless steel, ensuring corrosion resistance and longevity.

To choose the right cylinder, consider factors such as load capacity, operating pressure, stroke length, and mounting options. Consult the manufacturer's specifications and technical support for guidance.

Yes, CSL-RD Series cylinders are designed for easy installation and maintenance, with accessible components and clear documentation provided by the manufacturer.

Yes, some CSL-RD Series models are designed for use in harsh conditions, featuring seals and materials that withstand dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures.

CSL-RD Series cylinders offer precise control, rapid response, and high repeatability, making them ideal for automation applications, improving efficiency and productivity.
Yes, always follow safety guidelines, such as securing loads properly, using appropriate accessories, and conducting regular maintenance to ensure safe operation.
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Aventics CSL-RD Series Pneumatic Cylinders