Actuation Valve In The Oil & Gas Industry

Within the Oil & Gas Industry, specifying the correct products that you need to do your job is critical. Whether this be for exploration, drilling, pumping or transportation of materials through the refining stage Actuation Valve have the experience, products and infrastructure to meet almost any application requirements. Working only with recognised industry leading Manufacturers with a passion for innovative, compact and reliable Valve, Actuation & Ancillary solutions we also have the ability to offer short lead times for bespoke items from our UK & European stock facilities, talk to Actuation Valve today and see how we can help you.

Typical applications include Petrochemical, Distribution, Production, Coal Seam Gas, LNG, Floating Production, Fire Protection & Cooling Water.

Circumstances and location for Oil & Gas Industry can be significantly varied from Subsea, Offshore to Land Based productions, however one attribute common to all are the high demands placed upon products and components. High and low pressure, temperature, flow rates and abrasive or corrosive media are common practice.

Working to recognised industry standards and approvals, Actuation Valve have a reputation for offering products that are designed to maximise output with engineered solutions to minimise downtime, lower risks, reduce energy and maintenance costs with extended life cycles. We feel not only can we meet your high expectations or requirements, but exceed them.


Petrochemicals are produced from crude oil and natural gas with the two most common petrochemical classes being Olefins and Aromatics. It is these compounds that provide the building blocks for many household products including detergents, plastics, solvents, adhesives, lubricants & gels. Actuation Valve are heavily involved in this hazardous, corrosive & abrasive industry and have sourced quality, reliable and robust cost effective products with proven track records. Our High Performance Valves & Automation service (Up to 48″ in-house) enable us to offer a complete package of design, sales, assembly & testing under the same roof from our modern facilities.

Floating Production, Storage & Offloading

Floating Production, Storage & Offloading units are used within the Oil & Gas Industry for the production and processing of Hydrocarbons and storage of Oil until it can be offloaded onto a Tanker, or less commonly, transported via a pipeline. FPSO vessels can be converted from previous Oil Tankers or purpose built for frontier offshore regions since they do not require a local pipeline infrastructure for transportation. Actuation Valve’s work within FPSO include Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems, Wastewater, Potable Water, Cooling & Ballast.


Desalination is common practice amongst the Marine related Industries where sea (Saltwater) is desalinated to produce potable, drinking water for human consumption. Actuation Valve have provided numerous project Valve & Actuator supplies for Desalination over the past 20 years, working closely with Quality European Manufacturers such as Mariani, TTV, Air Torque & Koei. With high energy costs required for such installations, it is paramount that products used remain reliable, low maintenance and long lasting. Actuation Valve provide fit and forget solutions for this very reason.

Fire Protection

Fire Protection is critical when working within the Oil & Gas Industry. With safety and reliability required to the highest of standards, Actuation Valve have provided industry leading solutions for this sector for decades. Continuous product investment and development combined with modern technology has allowed Actuation Valve to be specified amongst prestigious projects including BP-Bruce North Sea & Schiehallion FPSO, a joint venture between BP and various partners. In more recent years, Actuation Valve’s Fire Protection work has become the blueprint for future MOD Naval Vessels.