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SAMSON is a renowned global leader in the manufacturing and development of control valves and other process control solutions. With a history dating back over a century, SAMSON has earned a reputation for engineering excellence, innovation, and reliability in the field of industrial automation. These valves are designed to meet the stringent requirements of various industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, power generation, water treatment, and more. This range are engineered to deliver precise control over flow, pressure, temperature, and other process parameters, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in diverse applications.

SAMSON Globe Control Valves

Samson Globe Control Valves, designed for precision in regulating flow, are renowned for their reliability and efficiency. With a focus on innovation, these valves offer superior control across a variety of industrial applications. Their advanced design ensures optimal performance, making them a preferred choice for professionals seeking effective flow management solutions. Browse a catalogue of globe valves suitable for standard, heavy, light, or HVAC industrial applications.

Size Range: 1/2" to 20"
ANSI Class: 125 to 2500
Material Range: Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Cast Steel (A352 LCC) & More
Temperature Range: -425 to 1022°F (-254 to 550°C)
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SAMSON Rotary Control Valves

Samson rotary control valves are renowned for their precision, reliability, and versatility in a wide range of industrial applications. These valves offer exceptional control over fluid flow, making them ideal for regulating various process parameters with utmost accuracy. Featuring advanced designs and high-quality materials, Samson rotary control valves are engineered to deliver optimal performance even in demanding operating conditions. Whether it's controlling flow rates, pressure, temperature, or other process variables, these valves excel in providing precise and stable control over the entire operating range.

Size Range: DN08 - DN800 (1/4" - 32")
ANSI Class: 150 to 2500
Std. Materials: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Low temp. Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, A105, LF2, 316, 316L
Temperature Range: -200 - 1000°C
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SAMSON Speciality Valves

Samson offers a comprehensive range of specialty valves designed to meet the specific demands of various industries and applications. These specialty valves encompass a wide array of features and configurations tailored to address unique challenges and requirements. From high-pressure applications to critical control environments, Samson specialises in providing solutions that ensure reliable operation, enhanced performance, and optimal efficiency. Whether it's severe service conditions, extreme temperatures, corrosive media, or stringent regulatory compliance, Samson's specialty valves are engineered to excel in demanding operating conditions.

Size Range: DN08 - DN600 (1/4" - 24")
ANSI Class: 150 to 900
Std. Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, PFA Lined Cast Iron, Ceramic Lined Stainless Steel
Temperature Range: -50 - 500°C
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SAMSON Self Operator Regulators

SAMSON's Self-Acting Regulators are engineered for meticulous control across diverse applications. They employ cutting-edge technology to maintain consistent pressure and flow, delivering steadfast performance. Suitable for an extensive array of sectors, these regulators offer effective solutions for managing media in piping systems. With their intuitive design, they facilitate straightforward installation and upkeep, presenting an ideal option for experts in search of reliable control devices. Explore our comprehensive selection of pressure, temperature, and flow regulators.

Size Range: 1/2" to 12"
ANSI Class: 125 to 300
Set Point Range: 0.075 to 400psi (0.005 to 28bar)
Temperature Range: -20 to 350°C
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Samson Control Valve Accessories

Samson presents a comprehensive selection of accessories for control valves, engineered to boost their functionality and efficiency. This range includes positioners, solenoid valves, position transmitters, and limit switches, all meticulously designed for precise engineering to guarantee smooth integration and superior performance. Whether it involves adjusting control settings, tracking valve positioning, or guaranteeing fail-safe functionality, professionals across the globe rely on Samson's control valve accessories for their outstanding quality and dependability.

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SAMSON Measurement Control & Automation Devices

SAMSON excels in offering sophisticated Measurement Control & Automation Equipment, including Electronic & Pneumatic Controllers, I/P & P/I Converters, as well as a wide range of Sensors, Meters, and other devices. These products are engineered for accuracy and dependability, serving a variety of industrial requirements with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee maximum efficiency and performance.

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Look no further! This detailed manual explores the core of control valves, highlighting their varieties, functions, selection principles, and the newest advancements influencing their evolution. Click to read the Comprehensive Guide to Control Valves today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Control Valves FAQs

Oil and Gas, Chemical, Power Generation, Water Treatment, & Pharmaceuticals
Yes, our valves come with clear installation instructions for hassle-free setup.
No, SAMSON valves are designed for minimal maintenance, reducing downtime.
Yes, our control valves are designed to handle high-pressure systems with ease.
Our expert team can assist you in selecting the perfect size based on your specific requirements. Contact us for personalised guidance.
Yes, our control valves are compatible with automation systems for seamless operation and control.
Yes, we maintain a stock of spare parts to ensure minimal downtime in case of replacements.
Our control valves are built to last, with a typical lifespan of 10 years or more, depending on usage and maintenance.
Yes, we offer a range of control valves designed to handle corrosive fluids and extreme temperature environments. Contact us for the appropriate solution.
A globe control valve is a type of control valve used in fluid systems to regulate the flow of liquids or gases. It gets its name from its globe-shaped body and is commonly used for precise control of flow rates.
A rotary control valve is a type of control valve used in industrial applications to regulate the flow of fluids (liquids or gases) by using a rotating or swivelling mechanism.
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