Rotork Scotch Yoke Actuators

Rotork's GP (pneumatic) and GH (hydraulic) range scotch yoke actuators are well-suited for a wide range of applications, including on/off and modulating duty scenarios, reflecting their adaptability to diverse industrial needs. The design of these actuators strikes a balance between robustness and space efficiency, contributing to their reliability in various industrial settings. Rotork has prioritized not only the functionality but also the versatility of their scotch yoke actuators. The adaptability to different operational needs, be it on/off or modulating duty, positions these actuators as a versatile solution for diverse industrial applications.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of Rotork Scotch Yoke Actuators.

Key Features

By tailoring the torque delivery to the specific requirements of the valve and system, these actuators can achieve optimal performance while minimising resource utilisation.

Key Features

Rotork's GP and GH range scotch yoke actuators stand out for their reliability, adaptability, and efficiency in providing rotary motion for a variety of valve control scenarios.

Key Features

Whether for on/off or modulating duty, these actuators offer a rugged design with options for symmetric or canted torque arms, allowing for customisation based on the unique demands of the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

These actuators are designed to provide a rotary, quarter-turn movement for on/off or modulating duty in industrial applications.

The classic symmetric yoke generates peak torque at both ends of the stroke, ensuring a well-balanced and reliable performance.

The alternative design involves canted torque arms, delivering peak torque at only one end of the stroke to optimise actuator size, weight, and cost.

Yes, Rotork offers both GP (pneumatic) and GH (hydraulic) range scotch yoke actuators for diverse operational needs.

They are available in double-acting and spring-return configurations for added operational flexibility.

Yes, these actuators are suitable for use in SIL2 and SIL3 rated safety systems.

Yes, they comply with EN60529 (1991) + (A1:2000) for IP67M.

Yes, Rotork's scotch yoke actuators feature corrosion-resistant cylinders for durability in challenging environments.

They are certified to IP66M/67M, ensuring protection against dust and water ingress.

Yes, they are certified in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU, meeting safety standards for explosive atmospheres.

The torque output can reach up to 600,000 Nm (5,300,000, providing substantial power for various industrial applications.

Yes, they are certified suitable for use at SIL3 as a single device, demonstrating their reliability in safety-critical applications.


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Rotork Scotch Yoke Actuators