Wafer Ball Valves

Wafer Ball Valves, a remarkable innovation in fluid control, are designed to provide a compact, efficient, and versatile solution for regulating the flow of liquids and gases across a broad spectrum of applications. These valves, characterised by their sleek and space-saving design, offer precise control and exceptional reliability, making them ideal for industries ranging from industrial to residential. With a focus on high-quality materials, resistance to extreme temperatures, and corrosion protection, Wafer Style Ball Valves represent a pinnacle in flow control technology, ensuring that your fluid management needs are met with the utmost efficiency and performance.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of Wafer Ball Valves

Key Features

Wafer Ball Valves are engineered with a compact profile, making them an excellent choice when space is at a premium. Their slim design allows for easy integration into tight installations, ensuring efficient use of available space.

Key Features

These valves offer exceptional precision in regulating the flow of liquids and gases. Whether you need to fine-tune flow rates or shut off completely, Wafer Ball Valves provide accurate control for optimal performance.

Key Features

Crafted from top-quality materials, including corrosion-resistant alloys, Wafer Ball Valves are built to last. Their robust construction ensures durability, even in demanding industrial environments.

Key Features

From industrial facilities to commercial systems and residential setups, Wafer Ball Valves are versatile and adaptable to a wide range of applications, ensuring they meet diverse flow control needs.

Key Features

These valves are engineered to perform reliably in extreme temperature conditions, making them suitable for both hot and cold applications. Their ability to withstand temperature variations adds to their overall reliability.

Key Features

Wafer Ball Valves are designed for straightforward installation and maintenance. Their user-friendly features reduce downtime and ensure hassle-free operation, saving you time and resources in the long run.

AV-6340 Stainless Steel Ball Valve - Wafer Pattern

The AV-6340 is a cutting-edge flow control solution designed to meet the highest standards of precision and durability. Crafted from top-quality stainless steel, this valve offers exceptional corrosion resistance, making it suitable for various applications, whether in industrial, commercial, or residential settings. Its innovative wafer pattern design ensures seamless operation and easy maintenance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking reliable and efficient fluid control. Experience performance optimisation and temperature resistance in one compact package with this exceptional stainless steel ball valve.

Size Range: DN40-DN150 (1 1/2" to 6")
Temperature Range: -10°C to 180°C
Pressure Rating: PN16
Body Materials: Full Bore, Stainless Steel Body, Ball & Stem, PTFE Seats & Seals
End Connections: Wafer to suit PN16
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Wafer Ball Valve is a type of flow control valve designed for regulating the flow of fluids in pipelines. It uses a ball with a hole through it to control the flow.

Wafer Ball Valves find applications in a variety of industries, including water treatment, oil and gas, petrochemical, and HVAC systems, among others.

Wafer Ball Valves are known for their compact design and easy installation between flanges. They offer a tight shutoff and are suitable for both high and low-pressure applications.

Yes, Wafer Ball Valves are suitable for both gas and liquid flow control. However, it's essential to choose a valve that meets specific gas approval standards if required.

Yes, the compact design of Wafer Ball Valves allows for easy installation in tight spaces, making them a versatile choice in various applications.

Wafer Ball Valves are designed for easy maintenance, with accessible internals for inspection and repairs, ensuring minimal downtime.

The size of a Wafer Ball Valve should be selected based on your pipeline's diameter and flow rate. Consult with a valve expert to ensure the right fit.

Yes, many Wafer Ball Valves are available in corrosion-resistant materials, making them suitable for use in aggressive or corrosive environments.

Indeed, these valves are designed to operate efficiently in extreme temperature conditions, making them adaptable to various industries.

Yes, Actuation Valve offers sustainable spares and replacement parts for ongoing maintenance schedules.

Proper installation is crucial for optimal performance. Consult the manufacturer's guidelines and consider seeking assistance from a professional valve installer to ensure a secure and effective setup.


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