Aventics MNI Series Pneumatic Cylinders

The MNI Series Mini Pneumatic Cylinders are compact, efficient, and designed for a broad spectrum of industrial uses. They excel in performance and reliability, making them perfect for automation roles. Their diminutive stature and light construction allow for easy integration in confined areas within machinery. Offering precise, consistent motion control, these cylinders enhance productivity across various industrial environments.

Key Features

Who choose an MNI?

Key Features

The MNI series is most often used in applications that require a cylinder with as small a footprint as possible, which it delivers on with ISO 6432 accreditation.

Key Features

From piston rod options to different functions and holding units, the MNI series has a great range of customisable additions and changes over a standard cylinder.

Key Features

The MNI series has been known to last beyond the limits of some alternative mini and round cylinders, ensuring you get great returns on your investment.

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Cylinder Standards

Functional Principle: Single-acting, retracted without pressure
Ambient Temperature Range: -25°C to 80°C
Working Pressure Range: 2 - 10 Bar
Maximum Particle: 50 µm
Medium: Compressed Air
Standards: ISO 6432
Ports: M5 G 1/8
Stroke Range: 10 - 50
Bore Diameter: Ø 10-25 mm


Mini Pneumatic Cylinders MNI Series are compact pneumatic actuators designed for applications where space is limited. They are known for their small size and efficient operation.

Mini Pneumatic Cylinders MNI Series typically feature lightweight construction, high precision, and a variety of bore sizes. They are also corrosion-resistant and can operate in diverse environments.

These cylinders are used in various industries, including manufacturing, robotics, automotive, medical equipment, and electronics, to name a few.

Mini Pneumatic Cylinders MNI Series offer advantages such as quick response, precise control, and easy installation, making them suitable for tasks like positioning, clamping, and pushing.

Yes, many manufacturers offer customisation options for MNI Series cylinders, including different stroke lengths, end fittings, and materials to meet specific requirements.

Choosing the right cylinder involves considering factors like load requirements, operating environment, stroke length, and mounting options. Manufacturers often provide technical support to assist in selection.

Maintenance typically involves periodic checks for leaks, lubrication of moving parts, and replacement of seals if necessary. Manufacturers often provide maintenance guidelines.
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Aventics MNI Series Pneumatic Cylinders