SAMSON Actuators

Samson actuators stand at the forefront of precision engineering, offering a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern industries. Renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and cutting-edge design, Samson actuators empower businesses across sectors to achieve optimal control and automation in their processes. Samson actuators are designed to excel in a multitude of applications, from oil and gas refineries to chemical processing plants, power generation facilities, and beyond. Their robust construction and durable materials make them well-suited for even the most demanding environments, where reliability is paramount.

SAMSON Linear Actuators

Samson linear actuators represent the pinnacle of motion control technology, offering unparalleled precision, reliability, and versatility across a multitude of industrial applications. Engineered to exceed expectations, Samson linear actuators are trusted by professionals worldwide for their robust construction, superior performance, and innovative design. Each Samson linear actuator is meticulously crafted with precision engineering techniques, ensuring consistent and accurate linear motion in every application. Samson offers a comprehensive range of linear actuators to suit various requirements, including electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic options. Whether it's heavy-duty lifting, precise positioning, or rapid movement, there's a Samson actuator for the job.

Size Range: 120 to 750cm2
Rated Travel Range: 6 to 160 mm
Available Thrust Range: 0 to 151.2 kN
Options: Handwheel, Travel Stop, Gear Operator, Fail Safe Action, Direct Positioner & Fire Lock
Applications: Electrohydraulic/Pneumatic/Electric Actuators for Plant Engineering and HVAC
Orientations: Top or Side Mount
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SAMSON Rotary Actuators

Samson rotary actuators are cutting-edge components engineered to deliver precision and reliability in rotational motion applications. Renowned for their exceptional performance and durability, Samson rotary actuators are trusted across industries for their versatility and advanced design features. These actuators are designed to provide smooth and efficient operation, ensuring seamless movement and precise positioning in a variety of industrial processes. With a wide range of configurations available, including pneumatic and hydraulic models, Samson rotary actuators offer flexibility to meet diverse application requirements.

Functions: Spring Return, Double Acting
Body Materials: Anodized Aluminium, PTFE Coating, Epoxy Coating, Stainless Steel
Rotation: 90°, 120°, 135°, 180°
Torque Levels: 8-10,000 NM
Operating Media: Dry/Lubricated Air, Inert/Non-Corrosive Gases
Pressure Rating: 2.5 Bar (36 PSI) Minimum – 8 Bar (116 PSI) Maximum
Certifications: SIL3 IEC 61508, ATEX 94/9/EC, GOST, GOST-R, EN 60529 IEC 529
Options: Reversible Fail Action, Travel stops, & Handwheel
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Frequently Asked Questions

Samson Actuator FAQs

Samson actuators are precision-engineered devices used to convert energy into controlled mechanical motion, typically rotational or linear, to perform various functions in industrial processes.

Samson offers a wide range of actuators, including rotary actuators, linear actuators, pneumatic actuators, and electric actuators, each designed for specific applications and performance requirements.

Samson actuators find applications across a diverse range of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical processing, water treatment, power generation, and manufacturing.

Samson actuators are known for their precision, reliability, durability, and ease of integration. They often incorporate advanced technologies such as position feedback, fail-safe mechanisms, and corrosion-resistant materials.

Factors to consider when selecting a Samson actuator include torque requirements, operating environment, control options, mounting configurations, and compatibility with existing systems.

Pneumatic actuators use compressed air to generate motion, offering fast response times and simplicity in design, while electric actuators use electrical energy for precise control and positioning.

Yes, Samson offers customisation options to tailor actuators to specific performance, size, and interface requirements, ensuring compatibility with unique application needs.

Installation and commissioning procedures for Samson actuators are typically outlined in the product documentation provided by Samson. It's essential to follow these guidelines carefully to ensure proper operation and performance.

Maintenance requirements vary depending on the type and usage of the actuator but often involve periodic inspection, lubrication, and calibration to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Yes, Samson offers actuators specifically designed for use in hazardous environments, featuring explosion-proof and intrinsically safe designs to meet stringent safety standards.

Yes, Samson actuators typically come with a warranty covering manufacturing defects, and Samson provides technical support and assistance to customers throughout the product lifecycle.

Samson actuators are available through authorised distributors and representatives worldwide. Customers can contact Samson directly or visit the company's website to locate a distributor in their region.
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