Aventics CCI Series Compact Pneumatic Cylinders

The ISO 21287 CCI compact cylinders is designed with fast cycle rates in mind, maintaining a compact profile even into the longer stroke ranges. With the pressed-in ends and integrated T-slots, this series also offers quick and simple sensor installation along the entire cylinder length. The CCI Series of Compact Pneumatic Cylinders provides efficient and space-saving solutions across various industries. Featuring a compact design and high-performance capabilities, these cylinders offer reliable and cost-effective automation solutions. Renowned for their durability and versatility, they are favoured for achieving precise motion control and improving operational efficiency.

Key Features

Why choose a CCI?

Key Features

The CCI series is designed with an outwardly one-piece construction, having both ends pressed in as opposed to standard end caps, which allows for an easy hose-down.

Key Features

The CCI series adheres to the compact ISO 21287 standard, and can be up to 60% shorter than an ISO 15552 cylinder of the same stroke length.

Key Features

We can configure a CCI series cylinder to meet almost any requirement you might have, including special piston rod options or various Single- and Double-Acting functions.

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Cylinder Standards

Functional Principle: Single acting, retracted without pressure
Ambient Temperature Range: -20°C to 80°C
Maximum Particle: 50 µm
Medium: Compressed Air
Standards: ISO 21287
Ports: M5 G 1/8
Stroke Range: 5 - 25
Bore Diameter: Ø 16-100 mm


The Compact Pneumatic Cylinder CCI Series is a type of pneumatic cylinder known for its space-saving design and efficient performance. It differs from other cylinders by its compact size and ability to fit into tight spaces while still delivering reliable actuation.

The Compact Pneumatic Cylinder CCI Series features include a lightweight design, high precision, corrosion-resistant materials, and various mounting options, making it suitable for diverse industrial applications.

The CCI Series comes in various bore sizes, typically ranging from 16mm to 100mm, allowing users to choose the right size for their specific needs.

The advantages include space efficiency, quick response times, durability, and compatibility with various control systems, making them an ideal choice for automation and robotics.

Yes, many manufacturers offer customisation options for the CCI Series, allowing customers to tailor the cylinders to their unique applications.

The CCI Series finds applications in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, food processing, packaging, and more, thanks to its versatility and reliability.

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Aventics CCI Series Compact Pneumatic Cylinders