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Koei Unic Actuators

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The Koei Electric Actuator has many operational benefits to that over Pneumatic Quarter Turn Actuators. Although initially requiring a higher purchase cost, the Koei Electric Actuator delivers savings for years to come having no ongoing maintenance where Pneumatic Actuators would require constant attention to airline supplies & compressors.

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Size Range: UNIC 05, UNIC 10, UNIC 20, UNIC 40, UNIC 60, UNIC 100, UNIC 150 & UNIC 200
Body Materials: Stove Enamel Finish
Body Type: Die-Cast Aluminium
Voltages: 110VAC/50-60Hz, 230VAC/50-60Hz, 24VAC/50-60Hz, 24VDC
Shaft Materials: Stainless Steel
Applications: Chemical, Marine, Food/Beverage, Consumer Health, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Water
Torque: 20NM-1500NM
Temperature Rating: Min-25°C Max 55°C
Additions: Manual Override, Visual Position Indication

Additional safety features include an easy to use Allen Key Manual Override, Overload Protection System & End Of Travel Electric and Manual Limit/Mechanical Switches/Stops. All units come complete with general operations and maintenance manuals as standard and free after sales support.

Koei Actuators have been producing Electric Actuators from their factory in Japan since the beginning of 2000 and have very quickly established themselves amongst the leading electric actuator manufacturers in the industry.

This versatile, quarter turn Koei electric Actuators are available in 8 sizes, the UNIC 05, UNIC 10, UNIC 20, UNIC 40, UNIC 60, UNIC 100, UNIC 150 & UNIC 200 with torque output figures ranging from 20NM all the way up 1500NM. The perfect actuation choice for all of your small bore & medium-large Ball & Butterfly Valves.

The Actuator is constructed from the same body design to the of the Koei Nucom Modulating Actuator, bringing a high quality Die-Cast Aluminium Body encased with a grey, stove enamel finish, providing protection up to IP65/NEMA4/4X in ambient operating temperatures of -25 to 55 Deg C. Typically over specced to that of a standard on-off electric actuator this robust, reliable unit provides unrivalled levels of performance in its class with long life precision control.

The Koei Electric Actuator is available in a wide scope of Single Phase operated Voltages to suit your application requirements. These include 110VAC/50-60Hz, 230VAC/50-60Hz, 24VAC/50-60Hz and also 24VDC for the UNIC 05, 10 & 20.

Key Features Of Koei Actuators

There are several key advantage features that stand out with the Koei Actuators over its competitors including Low Operation Costs, Maintenance Free, Lightweight for easy installation & Vibration Resistance. The latter has seen the Koei Electric Actuator specced onto all major new projects undertaken between Actuation Valve & Control & the MOD for HMS Vessels and their Fire Protection Systems having passed a shock test of 70 Bar Horizontal & 30 Bar Vertical. Simulating the pressures seen in the event of a torpedo hit. Those currently serving include all Type 45 Destroyer Ships.