Pneumatic RDC Series Diaphragm Type Cylinders

Discover RDC Diaphragm Type Cylinders, available in sizes from Ø 52.5 to 115 mm, offering versatile ports (G 1/8, G 3/8, G 1/4). These cylinders, designed for compressed air applications, retract effortlessly without pressure. They feature a piston rod with an external thread and a compressed air connection with an internal thread. Operating efficiently in temperatures from -25 to 80 °C, with a medium temperature tolerance of -25 to 80 °C, they ensure optimal performance. With a maximum particle size of 5 µm and an oil content of 0 to 1 mg/m³ in the compressed air, they're reliable in various conditions. Piston forces are determined at a pressure of 6.3 bar. Explore the adaptability of RDC Diaphragm Type Cylinders for your pneumatic requirements.

Key Features

Why choose a RDC?

Key Features

RDC Diaphragm Type Cylinders come with a range of ports including G 1/8, G 3/8, and G 1/4, ensuring compatibility with diverse pneumatic setups.

Key Features

Operating efficiently within a wide ambient temperature range of -25 to 80 °C, with a medium temperature tolerance matching, these cylinders are suitable for various working environments.

Key Features

With a maximum particle size of 5 µm and minimal oil content (0 to 1 mg/m³) in compressed air, these cylinders guarantee optimal performance, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.

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Cylinder Standards

Functional Principle: Single-acting, retracted without pressure
Ambient Temperature Range: -25°C to 80°C
Working Pressure Range: 0.03 - 8 Bar
Maximum Particle: 5 µm
Medium: Compressed Air
Stroke Range: 40 - 95
Bore Diameter: Ø 52.5-115 mm


RDC diaphragm type cylinders are a category of pneumatic actuators that utilise a flexible diaphragm to convert compressed air into mechanical motion.

RDC diaphragm type cylinders find application in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food processing, automotive, and manufacturing. They are used for tasks such as valve actuation, metering, pumping, and precision positioning.

Unlike conventional cylinders with pistons or rods, RDC diaphragm type cylinders use a diaphragm as the moving element. This design offers benefits like leak-tight performance, corrosion resistance, and the ability to handle aggressive fluids.

RDC diaphragms are commonly made from materials such as rubber, elastomers, or PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). The choice of material depends on the specific application's requirements, including chemical compatibility and temperature resistance.

Yes, RDC diaphragm type cylinders are often chosen for applications involving corrosive or aggressive fluids. Their diaphragm design isolates the working fluid from the cylinder's internal components, preventing contamination or damage.

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Pneumatic Diaphragm Cylinders RDC Series