Pneumatic 102 Series Diaphragm Type Cylinders

102 Diaphragm Type Cylinders with G 1/4 G 1/2 ports, engineered for efficient operation within a temperature range of -20 to 70 °C. These single-acting cylinders retract effortlessly without pressure, featuring an external thread piston rod with coarse-pitch threads for smooth operation. The compressed air connection has an internal thread, ensuring reliability. With a working pressure range of 2 to 8 bar, these cylinders are suitable for various applications. Operating with compressed air as the medium, they maintain a temperature range of -20 to 70 °C and can handle particles up to 50 µm, while the oil content of compressed air remains between 0 and 5 mg/m³. The pressure for determining piston forces is set at 6 bar, ensuring optimal functionality in diverse environments.

Key Features

Why choose a 102?

Key Features

Equipped with G 1/4 G 1/2 ports, these cylinders are adaptable for various setups, enhancing their compatibility across different systems and applications.

Key Features

Engineered to perform reliably within a wide temperature range of -20 to 70 °C, ensuring consistent operation even in challenging environmental conditions.

Key Features

With a working pressure range of 2 to 8 bar and the ability to handle particles up to 50 µm, these cylinders optimise compressed air usage, promoting efficient performance while maintaining cleanliness in the system.

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Cylinder Standards

Functional Principle: Single-acting, retracted without pressure
Ambient Temperature Range: -20°C to 70°C
Working Pressure Range: 2 - 8 Bar
Maximum Particle: 50 µm
Medium: Compressed Air
Ports: G 1/4 G 1/2
Stroke Range: 40 - 50
Bore Diameter: Ø 60 - 250mm


A Diaphragm Type Cylinder is a mechanical device used to convert fluid or air pressure into linear motion. It operates by utilising a flexible diaphragm to create movement when pressure is applied on one side, causing the diaphragm to expand or contract.

The main components of a 102 Diaphragm Type Cylinder typically include the diaphragm, a cylinder housing, ports for fluid or air input/output, and often a mounting bracket or base for installation.

These cylinders are commonly used in applications where precise linear movement or actuation is required, such as in industrial machinery, automation systems, and medical devices.

Diaphragm Type Cylinders offer advantages like high precision, compact size, and minimal maintenance requirements. They are also suitable for use in environments where contamination is a concern.

These cylinders can work with a variety of fluids and gases, depending on the materials used for the diaphragm and other components. Common choices include air, hydraulic oil, and certain chemicals.

Choosing the right cylinder involves considering factors such as the required force, stroke length, operating pressure, and environmental conditions. Consulting with a specialist or manufacturer is often recommended.

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Pneumatic Diaphragm Cylinders 102 Series