General Purpose Emerson Asco Solenoid Valves

General purpose valves cover an enormous range of basic applications. If you want to simply control water, air, or inert Gas, this range of valves will have you covered. Brass and Stainless Steel body materials are available, as well as a varied selection of seal / diaphragm materials depending on media & application. Normally closed valves can be used in any fail safe applications, meaning that in the event of power failure, the solenoid valves will spring closed. Normally-open valves are also available to cater to the rare instance a pipeline needs to stay open in the event of loss of power. The standard range of Asco General Purpose Solenoid Valves include the 238, 210, 262, 256, 356 and 320 series.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of the Asco range of General Purpose Solenoid Valves.

Key Features

Some basic 3/2 valves included in the general purpose range of ASCO valves can allow for piloting, diverting & mixing applications. Different seal & diaphragm materials are available to suit your application with standard materials including NBR and EPDM.

Key Features

The ASCO Series 238 is a line of general service valves designed to handle air, inert gas, water and light oil. The 2-way pilot operated valve's compact construction saves space while reducing installation time in addition to simplifying service with its short stroke increasing cycle life.

Key Features

The ASCO Series 210 is a line of economical, high-flow solenoid valves for liquid and inert gas service with the added benefit that they also work well with some corrosive applications. With a wide range pressure ratings and sizes available this versatile Solenoid Valve with have something suitable for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emerson ASCO solenoid valves are used to control the flow of various fluids in a wide range of applications, including industrial automation, process control, and fluid handling systems.

These valves can handle a variety of fluids, including water, air, steam, oil, gas, and corrosive media, depending on the specific model and configuration.

Emerson ASCO solenoid valves are available in various voltages, commonly ranging from 12V DC to 240V AC, to accommodate different power supply requirements.

Yes, Emerson ASCO offers solenoid valves with hazardous location certifications such as ATEX and FM for use in environments where flammable gases or dust may be present.

Yes, these valves are available in both on/off and proportional control configurations to suit different application requirements.

Factors to consider include fluid type, pressure and temperature requirements, flow rate, valve size, voltage, and environmental conditions. Emerson ASCO provides technical support and selection guides to assist with valve selection.

Yes, Emerson ASCO offers solenoid valves with high-pressure ratings, allowing them to operate effectively in applications with elevated pressure requirements.

Yes, Emerson ASCO provides solenoid valves with weatherproof and corrosion-resistant enclosures suitable for outdoor use.

Common troubleshooting steps include checking for power supply issues, inspecting for mechanical obstructions or leaks, and ensuring proper installation and configuration according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Yes, Emerson ASCO provides a comprehensive range of spare parts and repair kits for their solenoid valves to facilitate maintenance and repairs.

Yes, Emerson ASCO offers customisation options such as special materials, voltage ratings, and valve configurations to meet specific application requirements.

The warranty period varies depending on the model and application but typically ranges from one to five years, providing peace of mind for customers regarding product quality and reliability.


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General Purpose Asco Solenoid Valves