Providing Flanged Butterfly Valves Worldwide

Brief Specifications:

Size Range: DN32-DN3000 (1 1/4″-120″)
Body Materials: Ductile Iron, WCB, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex
Disc Materials: Ductile Iron, WCB, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Alu-Bronze, Monel,
Seat Materials: Buna, EPDM, Viton, Silicone
Shaft Materials: 420/304/316 Stainless Steel, Monel, Duplex, Super Duplex
Applications: Potable/Waste/Sea Water, Cooling Systems, Oil, Gases, Air
Pressure Rating: PN10/16/25-ANSI 150 LBS
Temperature Rating: Min-50°C Max180°C


Flanged Butterfly Valves are more commonly used in dead-end service applications in the process industry. The single piece body design offers more resistance with downstream removal and installation capabilities through counter-flanges at the pipe end.

TTV Butterfly Valves concentric design features an elastic, replaceable or vulcanized seat that takes the shape of both the inside and partially outer side of the body of the valve to form a perfect seal with relevant pipe flanges.

Single Shaft Flanged Valves

A single piece shaft design brings high strength and engineering with direct mount capabilities for actuation assemblies. The “Dry Shaft” feature ensures the fluid is again isolated from both the shaft and the body of the butterfly valve.

Hand polished, streamlined discs produce a much greater Cv than other butterfly valves on the market resulting in low-pressure drops and reduced energy costs while maintaining a bi-directional bubble tight seal in the closed position. Low operational torque reduces the costs of gear, pneumatic and electric actuation with low friction contact extending the life of the self-cleaning seal.

Replaceable seals offer flexibility and cost-effective solutions without the cost of a complete new valve. Reducing lead times and unnecessary downtime for End Users.

Design Standards:

Pressure Testing: EN 12266-1, DIN 3230, BS 6755, ISO 5208, Body: 1,5 x PN, Seal: 1,1 x PN
Flange Connection: ISO 7005, DIN 2501, BS 4504, ANSI Class 150: ANSI B16.5
Face 2 Face: EN 558 Series 20, ISO 5752 Series 20, API 609 Table 1, BS 5155 Series 4
Top Connection: BISO 5211
Tolerances: ISO 2768-m
Seal Testing: ISO 5208, 100% Tight Shut Off, API 598