Actuation Valve Pass Essential Audits To Become Approved Supplier

Actuation Valve are delighted to have recently passed internal audits with one of our biggest customers as a T2 supplier to BAE. Our commitment to internal procedures and standards are essential to delivering quality and reliable prodcuts to our customers first time every time.

Good practises observed during the viewing and highlighted include the following:

•Commitment demonstrated during the audit in achieving ISO 9001:2015 approval with the support of third party consultant  ‘bit by bit’ and the work being carried out with the implemented action plan.

•Recent implementation of 5S/Kaizen to improve the stores/workshop work areas.

•Carbon reduction study carried out in conjunction with Liverpool University and the targets set to reduce impact on the environment.

•Significant investment in new ERP systems to support the business operations.

As a company we recognise that improvements can always be made as we develop and grow. We strive to offer the best service available in the UK valve and actuation market and will continue to invest in areas that require doing so.