Emerson TopWorx Switch Box

TopWorx DXS Emerson DXS-L21GNMB2622 Switch Box.jpg

TopWorx Madagascar Project

Actuation Valve have recently secured and completed a package to supply TopWorx stainless steel DXS limit switch boxes to Madagascar. The stainless steel housing supplied is rated to Atex Ex db IIB +H2 T6/T5/T4/T3 and was specced with the flagship range of Emerson SPDT GoSwitch, the most reliable and robust units available under the Emerson range of products.

TopWorx TVF LED Switch Box.jpg

Emerson TopWorx Release LED Visual TVF Switch Box

The TopWorx LED option for the TVF switch box features a green and red LED for immediate visual open and closed position indication. The TVF with LED option delivers on Emerson's commitment for constant innovation and development with proven track results.