Custom Fast Acting Setup Assembly Air Torque Pneumatic Actuators

Fast Acting Air Torque Actuators.jpg

Working closely with Air Torque, Actuation Valve & Control Ltd are about to deliver to site a total of 9 Pneumatic Actuators for a new installation. Included in the package are 5 X AT651’s C/W custom design and assembly setup (A first for both companies) to enable the Pneumatic Actuator to open and close in under 1 Second once the Valve has been fitted. The Actuators are currently operating as a stand alone unit in under 0.5 Seconds after testing. Utilising the experience of both companies and Actuation Valve & Controls on site machining facilities the whole project has had a turnaround in under 4 Weeks. We look forward to working this particular End User again on future projects, hopefully as exciting as this!