Knife Gate Valves

Knife Gate Valves, widely used in industrial applications, are a type of flow control valve known for their unique design featuring a sharp-edged gate or blade that effectively slices through and controls the flow of abrasive and viscous fluids, making them ideal for challenging environments such as wastewater treatment, mining, and pulp and paper industries. These valves offer a tight shutoff to minimise leakage, come in various sizes to accommodate different pipe diameters, and are often made of materials like cast iron for durability and resistance to corrosion. Their ability to handle high-pressure systems and abrasive materials makes them a dependable choice for fluid control in demanding settings.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of Knife Gate Valves

Key Features

Knife Gate Valves are designed to handle abrasive and viscous fluids, ensuring durability and long-term performance even in harsh industrial environments.

Key Features

These valves provide a reliable tight shutoff, minimising leakage and ensuring efficient flow control, which is essential for industries with stringent fluid containment requirements.

Key Features

Available in various sizes, Knife Gate Valves can be tailored to fit different pipe diameters and flow rates, making them versatile for a wide range of applications.

Key Features

They are well-suited for high-pressure systems, offering reliable flow control and pressure regulation, a crucial feature in demanding industrial settings.

Key Features

Many Knife Gate Valves are made from materials like cast iron, which is corrosion-resistant, ensuring a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance.

Key Features

These valves require minimal maintenance, thanks to their simple yet effective design, saving time and maintenance costs while ensuring consistent performance.

Cast Iron Knife Gate Valves

Cast Iron Knife Gate Valves are flow control solutions designed for applications where the efficient regulation of abrasive and viscous fluids is paramount. Crafted from durable cast iron, these valves are known for their resistance to corrosion and their ability to handle high-pressure systems. Their knife-like gate design enables them to effectively manage challenging materials without clogging, making them a popular choice in industries such as wastewater treatment, mining, and pulp and paper. Whether it's in water treatment facilities or other demanding environments, these valves offer tight shutoff, flexibility in installation, and reliable performance, ensuring minimal leakage and efficient flow control.

Size Range: DN50-DN400 (2" to 16")
Temperature Range: -35°C to 120°C
Pressure Rating: PN10 (2” to 6”), PN8 (8”), PN7 (10”), PN6 (12” to 14”), PN5 (16”)
Body Materials: Cast Iron Body, Stainless Steel Blade, NBR Gaskets, EPDM Gaskets, Cast Iron Powder Coated Body, 304 Stainless Steel Gate, EPDM Seat & O-ring, Stainless Steel Knife
End Connections: ANSI 150 and AGRI Standard Square Flanges, Lugged and Tapped to suit PN10/16, Lugged PN10, Wafer to suit PN10
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Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valves

Knife Gate Valves made of stainless steel are a durable and versatile solution for controlling the flow of various fluids, particularly in industries with corrosive or sanitary requirements. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, these valves offer exceptional resistance to corrosion and are well-suited for applications involving aggressive media. Their streamlined design with a sharp-edged gate ensures reliable shutoff, making them an ideal choice for processes where minimal leakage is critical. Stainless steel Knife Gate Valves find applications in wastewater treatment, chemical processing, food and beverage, and more, providing a robust and hygienic solution for fluid control while meeting stringent industry standards.

Size Range: DN50-DN300 (2" to 12")
Temperature Range: -35°C to 120°C
Pressure Rating: PN10 (2” to 6”), PN8 (8”), PN7 (10”), PN6 (12”)
Body Materials: CF8M Stainless Steel Body, 316 Stainless Steel Gate, EPDM Seat, Stainless Steel Body & Knife
End Connections: Wafer to suit PN10, Flanged PN10
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Knife Gate Valve is a type of valve designed to control the flow of fluids in systems by using a sharp-edged gate to cut through and control the flow.

Knife Gate Valves are often used in industries such as wastewater treatment, mining, pulp and paper, and power generation for applications involving thick, viscous, or abrasive media.

Knife Gate Valves are distinct for their ability to cut through and isolate media effectively, making them suitable for applications with solid particles or slurries.

Yes, most Knife Gate Valves are bidirectional, meaning they can control the flow in both directions.

They use a sharp-edged gate that moves perpendicular to the flow path to control or block the media.

Yes, Knife Gate Valves are designed to handle abrasive and challenging media effectively, thanks to their robust construction.

Regular maintenance includes inspecting the seals, gate, and actuator, and ensuring they are free from debris to maintain optimal performance.

Yes, Knife Gate Valves come in various types, including through-going, wafer, and lugged designs, each suitable for specific applications.

Yes, Knife Gate Valves can be automated with actuators for remote operation and control.

Yes, Actuation Valve offers sustainable spares and replacement parts for ongoing maintenance schedules.

Knife Gate Valves offer benefits such as excellent sealing, minimal pressure drop, and the ability to handle tough media, making them ideal for demanding applications.


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