Air Torque AT-HD Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator

Air Torque ATHD Scotch Yoke Actuator.jpg

Adding to the quality range of Air Torque Actuators is the AT-HD series of heavy duty Scotch Yoke line series.

The AT-HD Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator is the natural progression from the Rack & Pinion series of Air Torque Actuators and provides high output torque solutions specifically for the Oil & Gas Industries.

This new model of AT-HD Actuators provides a single source supply solution for all Pneumatic Valve Actuation, setting Air Torque apart from its competitors and raising the bar once again.

Based on the Scotch Yoke design, the Carbon Steel bodied AT-HD Pneumatic Actuator combines Air Torque’s market leading engineering, design and manufacturing experience with high quality materials and product reliability.

Designed to operate Ball, Plug & Butterfly Valves the AT-HD puts out a combined torque of up to 60,000NM and is suitable for all On/Off & Modulating applications. Several unique design features make this Pneumatic Actuator a robust, fit and forget complete solution for all heavy duty applications.