18900001 Asco Solenoid Valves

The 18900001 Asco Solenoid Valve is a highly dependable and versatile component tailored for precision fluid control in a wide array of industrial applications. Manufactured by Asco, a well-established British company renowned for its expertise in fluid automation solutions, this solenoid valve is designed to ensure accurate and efficient regulation of both liquids and gases. With its robust and reliable construction, the 18900001 model stands as a trusted choice for diverse industrial processes, from manufacturing to energy production, and beyond. Its enduring performance and adherence to stringent quality standards make it an indispensable component in the realm of fluid control and automation.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of the 18900001 Asco Solenoid Valve

Key Features

The 18900001 Asco Solenoid Valve boasts a compact and lightweight design, which not only simplifies installation but also makes it exceptionally easy to mount on either single or joinable sub-bases, catering to various spatial requirements and configurations within industrial setups.

Key Features

An outstanding feature of this valve is its solenoid operator's AC/DC interchangeability, eliminating the need for any disassembly of the valve during the switch. This innovative capability streamlines maintenance and minimises downtime, ensuring consistent and efficient operation without unnecessary interruptions.

Key Features

In a testament to its adaptability and commitment to quality, a specific version of the valve is equipped with an M12 connection, featuring visual indication and peak voltage suppression conforming to "UL" standards.

18900001 Specifications

Body Material: Engineered Plastics
Flow (Cv) / Flow (Kv): 0.05 / 0.04
Function: 3/2 Normally Closed
Max Ambient Temperature: 60.00°C
Max Fluid Temperature: 60.00°C
Max Operating Pressure: 10 Bar
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -10.00°C
Minimum Fluid Temperature: -10.00°C
Minimum Operating Pressure: 0 Bar
Orifice Size: 1.200 MM
Actuator Type: Direct Acting
Voltage: 24 VAC
Watt Rating: 2.5

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18900001 FAQs

These solenoid valves are designed to control the flow of liquids or gases in various industrial applications, ensuring precise fluid regulation.
Yes, these valves are incredibly versatile and can be mounted in any position without affecting their operational efficiency.
Yes, they can be mounted on single or joinable sub-bases, offering flexibility in installation.
Absolutely, ATEX 2014/34/EU versions with "SG" and "PV" options are available, suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres.
These valves feature 1/8 pipe connections with standard threads according to ISO 228/1 specifications for easy integration into existing piping systems.
Yes, replacement coils are available, offering a cost-effective and efficient way to maintain and repair these valves.

18900001 Installation

The installation process for these solenoid valves is remarkably versatile, as they can be seamlessly mounted in any orientation without compromising their operational efficiency. These valves are designed for both single and joinable subbase mounting options, providing flexibility for various industrial configurations. Additionally, for applications requiring compliance with ATEX 2014/34/EU regulations, the "SG" and "PV" options can be effortlessly integrated with single subbases, while the zinc diecast subbases are compatible with all versions.

The valve's 1/8 pipe connections feature standard threads in line with ISO 228/1 specifications, ensuring easy integration into existing piping systems. To further simplify the installation and maintenance process, each valve comes complete with comprehensive installation and maintenance instructions, making setup hassle-free and providing guidance for long-term upkeep, ultimately ensuring reliable performance in diverse industrial applications.

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Asco 18900001 Solenoid Valves